For Whom the Bell Tolls

Nov 12, 2018 | Anonymous

On the rush hour when everything worth living for, gets blurred to oblivion, only a sharp sonorous clang has the power to bring everything back to focus. So what happened to the bell?

A Brief History of Sunday Nights

Oct 09, 2018 | Team MM

Sourav Pattnayak, Chief Co-ordinator of Monday Morning for the session 2010-11 pens down a heartfelt piece on the occasion of the completion of 12 years of the existence of Monday Morning at NITR.

Destiny Of The Education System

Oct 08, 2018 | Sayan Dey

The education system, especially in India, has become one of the prime concerns in a society. The article gives a perspective to look at the problem and realize an immediate need for renovation.


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