Gearing Up for the New Semester

Gearing Up for the New Semester

Jul 27, 2015 | Saswat Abhinab David

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The Metallurgical and Materials Department is all set for the new session with new faculty, high end research projects and new installations in the labs.

A Texture Analysis Diffractometer has been procured from Germany costing Rupees one crore for the FIST project, of which Dr. S. C. Mishra, the HOD of the Department is the coordinator. Two other equipments, an Optical Emission Spectrometer and a High Temperature Creep Testing Machine would arrive later in the year costing around Rupees one crore collectively. Also, two new professors, one of them - Ajit Behera, being an ex-student of Dr. Mishra, have joined the department.

Even though curricular reforms are occurring in most of the departments, the department has decided not to make any changes to the syllabus. Dr. Mishra said that quite a few modifications had been made last year and hence no more changes would be done for at least a year.

The placements continue to be just about average for the second year in a row. The main reason for this, according to Dr. Mishra, is because the core companies are unwilling to come here due to the lack of air connectivity in Rourkela. But the situation is expected to improve in the coming years.

Regarding the students and the faculty, Ashika Agrawal, a third year student was one of the only ten students in India who got into the Anant Raman Summer Internship Program. Dr. Mishra himself was awarded the ‘Honorary Doctorate of Science’ by the International Biographical Centre Cambridge England.

Team MM wishes the Metallurgical and Materials Department the very best for the future!


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