Goals Set High

Goals Set High

Aug 10, 2015 | Aratrika Ghose

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Every department becomes what its faculty makes of it. With these very words in mind, the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science is proud to welcome Rekha S., Krishna K. Osuri and Bhishna Tyagi! Each of these professors have joined in the month of July and come from an active research background. Professor Rekha after the completion of her PhD. from IIT Kharagpur had been working as a research assistant in Pondicherry before she moved back to Kharagpur for a DST Project. She will be teaching the students Geochemistry and Mineralogy.

Professor Osuri has been a faculty at IIT, Bhubaneshwar and is an expert on Climatology, with avid research interest in the field of weather forecast and prediction of tropical regions. Professor Tyagi who now teaches Introductory Atmospheric Dynamics and also instructs students in the Atmospheric Instrumentation Laboratory, had been working as a scientist in National Research Council of Italy, and his research was centered on Air Quality observation and Modeling. Before which, he had been working in Stockholm University, Sweden to improve the Stable Cases Prediction for improving weather forecast in Polar regions.

All of them agreed that they would have to contribute greatly in order to bring this department up at par with the rest of the existing departments, and they were willing to work to great lengths for the same. While Professor Rekha emphasized on the enthusiasm of the students she was teaching and Professor Tyagi praised the highly up-to-date and competent course structure, Professor Osuri rightly pointed out that they were lacking in computational and data handling facilities, which are generally imperative for any research project of this scale. Internet speed as well as connectivity and access are major causes of concern at the moment. However, with plans for research projects, they hope to be able to pool in enough funding to develop better infrastructure, in the near future.

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


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