Renewed and Updated: BPCL Review

Renewed and Updated: BPCL Review

Aug 17, 2015 | Megha Agarwal Shuvankar Mishra

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With more than 70,000 books and 18000 back volumes of periodicals, Biju Patnaik Central Library of NIT Rourkela has been catering to the educational and research needs of the academic community of the institute with relevant information resources since its inception in 1965. Equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide IT based services, BPCL is one of the oldest establishments inside NITR. Here goes a summary of the many changes that have been effected, the problems that have been overcome, and the upcoming plans for the library.

Library facilities available:

BPCL conducts user education programmes for faculty and students on literature search, patent search and accessing information from across the globe. It also provides an electronic delivery system. BPCL organizes annual book fair to make the latest books available to faculty and students. They also have a very unique self-service system (self-check-in and self-check-out system) using RFID technology. BPCL also publishes monthly e-newsletter which covers topic related to library system and services, research activities of NITR and latest topic which is relevant to NITR academic community.

Latest developments:

In the past one year the central library has undergone massive infrastructural developments. The ground floor has been completely renovated with the establishment of security desk and information KIOSK. It also has a well maintained circulation counter, acquisition section and technical processing section in the first floor. OPAC user terminals are also established in every floor of the building. BPCL now boasts of central air-conditioning and spacious reading halls with an accommodating capacity of 250 students.

Dr. Bhojaraju Gunjal, HOD, BPCL, is planning to introduce some more features in the near. To better coordinate research activities, a liaison with various departments will be started involving a faculty representative from each department and an assigned liaison representative to aid them. Further, a research help desk will be started with skilled staff to help with some of the research tools like turnitin, scopus etc. The library website has now been renewed with newer features, making it more user–friendly.

Follow the link to visit the new website of the library: 

Undoubtedly the BPCL authorities have left no stone unturned to provide the best of facilities to its students, though there are still some issues that need their attention. Firstly, we still don’t have Wi-Fi facilities available in the library. According to the authorities of BPCL, the work is in progress and we can expect the Wi-Fi routers to be installed within this year. Secondly, there is a dearth of novels and books on fiction in the library. Explaining the situation, Mr. Tripathi said,

We purchase books according to the policy and whatever the faculty recommends. If the library is not getting recommendation, then how can we purchase? A student should also take initiative and approach a faculty member and ask for recommendation to the library. If readers don’t give us recommendations, then we can’t purchase.”

The same reply was given for not hosting books for competitive exams for higher studies.Regarding extending the timing on weekends, Mr. Tripathi said,

That depends on the number of students we get on weekends.

The library has done a commendable job in keeping up with complex demands of the academia of NITR, owing to the nature of research being carried out in the institute. Hopefully, it will incorporate the suggested reforms and further enhance the academic scenario at NITR.

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