The life science department has been very active in several fields of research in the recent years. This has been possible only because of the dedication of the researchers and their zeal to excel. One of the researchers, also the bio-informatician of the department, is Dr. Bibekanand Mallick.

Dr. Bibekanand Mallick, MNASc., a leading researcher at NITR's Department of Life Science acts as an inspiration for budding research scholars. He has not one, but many ongoing research projects and has also been an active member in many editorial boards.

He has been elected as MNASc by The National Academy of Science, India in 2015. He was recently invited as Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group journal) for an initial 2 year term and will be responsible for managing the peer review and making final editorial decisions of assigned manuscripts in the area of Non-coding RNAs, Cancer genomics, Epigenetics and Gene expression regulations etc. Another feather on his cap would be that he held the position of the Academic Editor of PLOS ONE journal.

He is renowned for his number of ongoing sponsored research projects. With currently four on-going research projects being funded by DST, DBT & CSIR (Govt. of India). The total cost of his four on-going projects would amount to more than Rs.10.00 million. He specializes in the research areas of RNAi, Epigenomics, Cancer and Stem cells.

Among his monumental achievements is that he is the proud recipient of the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal Award (2014) for the outstanding individual achievement in Education & Research by GEPRA, New Delhi.

He also acts as a Guide for Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) Programme since last year, offered by the three National Science Academies of India- IASc (Indian Academy of Sciences), INSA (Indian National Science Academy), and NASI (The National Academy of Sciences, India). This prestigious two-month Summer Fellowships provide opportunity to students/teachers to work with scientists associated with the three Academies. The selected SRFs are paid a fellowship for their boarding, lodging, local transport etc in addition to travel support.  

Apart from being a researcher and a Guide for interns, he is also a Mentor of NNMCB (National Network for Mathematical and Computational Biology) whose Internship Programme is funded by the Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India. This internship programme is of three months and provides fellowship and financial support for accommodation and travel.

To know more, visit his lab's website:

Team MM wishes Prof. Bibekanand Mallick good luck for all his projects and wishes him all the very best for his future aspirations.


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