A Wonderful Welcome

A Wonderful Welcome

Saswat Abhinab David | Sep 14, 2015

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The time of the year has finally arrived, when the freshman experience the rituals of induction into the institution. Last year’s freshmen have become sophomores and have eagerly awaited the arrival of a fresh batch.

The 4th of September saw a wonderful gathering of students of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering on the occasion of the Department Freshers. A decent crowd of students ranging from apprehensive freshmen to nostalgic final years gathered in LA-214. The decorations for the event had started back in the afternoon around 5 p.m. by the sophomores.

Scheduled to be held at 6:30 p.m., the function started an hour late due to a blackout that had plunged the whole of LA into darkness. The event, which was hosted by sophomores Aditi Raj and Debasish Mishra began with the lighting of the lamp after which the Head of the Department Prof. S C Mishra welcomed the first year students with a short speech followed by a song.

The cultural program commenced soon with a group song by the first year girls, followed by a melodious number by Sashank. The popular song ‘Rangabati’ was sung by sophomore Arun Pandey after which Chandan Rao set the stage on fire with his enthralling dance. Himanshu Singh Baghel and Vaitla Nikhila Chowdary were adjudged Mr. and Miss Fresher respectively.

Despite of the power snag, the event was a success and the effort put forward by the sophomores to organize the event was appreciable. Team MM congratulates every assiduous senior and wishes the juniors a joyous future.


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