Electronics Extravaganza

Electronics Extravaganza

Sep 14, 2015 | Punyaja Dash

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With an enormous banner and a combination of red and black balloons complimenting the vibrant spirits of the students, the EC seminar hall was all set to welcome the new members of the electronics family on Wednesday, 9th September 2015.

A minute’s silence was observed to pay respects to the memories of Late Siddharth Badatya before the freshers’ party took off.

The fun-filled evening started with the hosts Sanjog, Shreyasi, Subhankar and Punyaja giving a short introduction to the class of 2015 about their life ahead in NITR and what to expect out of it. The professors came up on the dais to light the lamp of enlightenment. A group of first year girls carried out the recital of a Shloka as the lamp was lit. The Head of Department, Prof. K K Mohapatra, addressed the gathering leaving them inspired with his wise words.

Flavoured with enthnicity, and paying homage to Odisha, a marvelous inaugural Odissi dance was performed by Shwetalin. Next performance was by a choir, along with guitarist, Shailesh Prusty, singing old tunes of the evergreen movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and trapping the audience in nostalgic memories of childhood. Soon after this performance, energetic girls turned the dais into a dance floor, dancing to a feet-tapping Bollywood number and were highly applauded by the audience. With this the hosts gave the vote of thanks, but there was more in store for the night!

A series of surprise performances were the highlights of the show. Dashing first year boys danced to a song mash-up of all the hit tracks, lifting the audience off their seats to groove along. It was heavily cheered for.

The show stealer was a performance by the Euphony Band singer Sambit Behura, who sang “Doori”, strumming along on his guitar, and had the audience mesmerized and awestricken.

The refreshment boxes provided were relished by all. At the very end, the seniors crowned Nishant Mohanty and Shwetalin Priyadarshini as Mr. and Ms. Fresher, also gifting them with Domino’s Coupons.

Power failures during the performances were a cause of annoyance. But the show resumed with equal vigour, and the enthusiasm of the students was not dampened by this. The freshers’ party was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.


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