The Freshest Faces

The Freshest Faces

Asmita Poddar | Sep 14, 2015

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The Freshers’ welcome for the department of Computer Science and Engineering was held on 11th September, 2015 at LA 204. The proceedings, which were to start at 6 PM got delayed due to the inevitable power cut in the LA from 6-7 PM. However, power cut could not dampen the spirit of the organisers, who got back to work as soon as the power came back. The room was decorated with balloons and ribbons.

The freshmen trooped in at 7 PM, the girls looking pretty in traditional clothes, and the boys in formals. They were given a fun filled questionnaire to break the ice and ease their tension a bit. The event started with a video being shown about the department of Computer Science and its potential. It was a merry event with the latest music being played.

The seniors arrived a little late, nevertheless enjoyed the show. There were performances by the sophomores, with Yugantha Perera at the guitar, Partho Sarothi Roy singing , Shreyanshu Singh and Aishwarya Shrestha dancing. The freshmen also showcased their various skills by putting up some performances. Refreshments from were handed out to everybody. Based on the question paper they had answered at the beginning of the event, Mr. and Ms. Fresher were chosen from amongst the freshmen.

Despite of the power snag, the event was a success and students enjoyed the revelry that ensued throughout. Team MM wishes the freshmen an eventful engineering life full of fun and thrills as they drift through the tides of NITR.


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