Luminaire 2k15 – Lighting up the Skies

Luminaire 2k15 – Lighting up the Skies

Sep 14, 2015 | Aratrika Ghose

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This year the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences gave their freshers a grand welcome in the form of Luminaire 2k15. It was held on the 24th of August, 2015 at the Community Centre. It not only proved to be a great opportunity for interaction between the professors, students and freshmen, but also a memorable experience for all! Faculty members, Ph.D. scholars and students of both 2nd and 1st year had been invited for this programme.

At the very onset, the newest members of the family came forth and introduced themselves to the audience, by speaking about where they were from, what they had done, what were their hobbies and other little interesting details about themselves! This was followed by some performances by the freshers, who were eager to showcase their talents. There were songs, as well as a skit performed by them that managed to captivate everybody’s attention, and the audience roared with applause. This was followed by a short quiz which had been prepared by the sophomores and involved all those present!

Faculty members then gave short speeches to clarify ideas regarding the department, particular subjects and prospects in this field. They not only gave valuable advice to follow in the coming two years, but also highlighted what to expect and what not to expect in this journey! After there was a short fashion show conducted by enthusiastic freshmen, Abhishek Jha and Sameeksha Mishra were awarded the titles of Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher, respectively!

The event was brought to an end with a dinner, and an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down – a 1-hour long dance session! Living up to its name, this year the most special touch to Luminaire was the lighting of the sky lanterns. The entire department gathered together to watch the lanterns rise into the beautiful night sky, and celebrate the extension of this warm and closely knit family! 

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


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