Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Oct 12, 2015 | Aratrika Ghose

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As the department of Earth and Atmospheric Science, grows from strength to strength, it is developing its infrastructure and expanding its facilities at a tremendous rate! Both professors, as well as students are hopeful that at this pace, they will soon be able to raise their standards and make a difference to the entire educational community with breakthrough research, especially since that is the primary focus and out-reach of this department!

In this regard, the department of Earth and Atmospheric Science has recently installed a state of art Automatic Weather Station to monitor weather parameters such as Atmospheric Pressure, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall and Radiation received, as well as radiation reflected back. The data is automatically stored by an online server and handled by a station or computer dedicated for this purpose, where it can be analyzed at a later stage for any information or changes in the weather. This instrumentation setup is beneficial primarily to M. Sc. Atmospheric Science students to observe changes in diurnal cycle of weather over Rourkela. This instrumentation setup will also be helpful to capture any weather event occurring at site (e.g. Thunderstorms, monsoonal rainfall, heat and cold waves). Dr. Naresh Krishna Vissa, who is in-charge of the weather station, hopes that this data will be helpful for instrumentation lab classes as well as for research purposes of department.

Though such a device is not uncommon to any of the premier institutes housing a department of Atmospheric Science, for this steadily growing department this is not just a standardization, rather it is another feather in its cap, another milestone in its journey towards becoming a fully functional, developed and progressive department.


Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


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