A Fulfilling Metamorphosis?

A Fulfilling Metamorphosis?

With the end of the odd semester drawing near, Team MM caught up with the Chief Warden to obtain answers to pertinent issues, including commercial washing machines, night canteen timings and winter fixtures amongst others, before the boarders get preoccupied with the end semester examinations.

MM: A proposal for procuring three commercial grade washing machines for operation in all halls was made a few months back. What’s its current status?

CW: The washing machines have already been procured and delivered to the rooms near the back post from where they will be operated, the provision for water supply has been taken care of, and only the electrical connections aren’t in place yet. Regarding the electrical connections, the director has given instructions for immediate addressal of the issue. Hopefully, it will be operational within the next seven days or at most by the end of this month. The three people who have been made in-charge of the laundry will cater to all halls of residence with door to door service and fixed subsidised rates for both washing and ironing of clothes. Only an official notice remains to be circulated which will be done soon. We hope that this initiative works out in the best interests of the students. Reviews will be held every month to ensure proper functioning of this revamped laundry system.

MM: The night canteen of the ladies hostels closes by midnight (11:30 p.m. for KMS and 12:00 p.m. for CVR) whereas for the boys’ hostels, they remain open till 1:30 – 2:00 a.m. Why such disparity?

CW:  The official rule requires all night canteens to be closed by midnight, and an HMC official has been instructed to make sure that the rule is followed with the timings being extended to no later than 1:00-1.30 a.m. This is a well thought out, conscious administrative decision. The timing can be extended when the examinations are underway for which I have to seek permission from the Director.

If students will not sleep by 12, then how will they get up in the morning to prepare for class at 8?”

Considering the fact that students have 8 to 5 classes with hardly any break in between, the decision has been taken so that boarders get a proper night’s rest and are in good shape and health to tackle their classes the next day. For nights when they have an assignment to finish or a test to study for, boarders usually keep packets of biscuits in their respective rooms which usually suffice for the night. Also, this step might help ensure that students don’t face any shortage of attendance at the end of the semester due to staying up late at night and missing classes.

MM: In the last CWC over a month ago, you had said that though the procurement of the tables for SD Hall will take some time, the shortage of the chairs will be combated by putting into use the extra chairs lying in the storerooms of the other halls. But the boarders are complaining that no such step has been taken. Why?

CW: Chairs are lying unused in the storerooms of the other Halls.  I will ask the warden today to see as to how many chairs are required and they will be delivered by the end of the day.

MM: The boarders of E, F, G and H Blocks of VS Hall want a separate cycle stand as the one present is very far for these particular blocks and it’s inconvenient for them to use it.

CW: This demand was made by the students quite some time ago and we have discussed a lot over it. The Director, when he was attending a conference in VS Hall last year had said that if the boarders can show that the distance between the cycle stand and the farthermost room is 300 meters or more, another cycle stand will be constructed. But none of the students have come up with any concrete proposal. I would welcome any student with such a proposal or plan and it will be forwarded.

MM: There have been complains from boarders of some blocks of VS Hall and MSS Hall that the geysers aren’t working. With the winter here already, when will these be fixed?

CW: Every geyser or any piece of equipment for that matter has a particular serial number against it. When any of these are malfunctioning, the boarders are requested to lodge a complaint in the Chief Warden’s office mentioning the serial number of the appliance and action will be taken within 24 hours. In case no steps have been taken within a day, the boarders have a separate register to bring this to my notice and I make sure that immediate action is taken.

It has been observed that the issue with the geysers in most cases is because of being kept on for the whole day, it trips. To fix this, all that needs to be done is press a switch at the back of the appliance. I’m not asking the students to do even this straightforward and uncomplicated task themselves; all they need to do is lodge a complaint and the problem will be dealt with.

MM: The monthly mess bill of only July has been uploaded in NITRis, even though it’s mid November now. When will the bills of August, September and October be uploaded?

CW: They are ready and will be uploaded by Friday.

MM: There have been complaints from boarders in MV and MSS that having just one LAN port in the room causes a lot of inconvenience. Are there any plans to install another LAN port in the rooms?

CW: Yes, this is under active consideration. The LAN ports have already been procured and the wires will be bought soon. This work is being carried out by the Computer Centre and is supervised by Prof. Ashok K. Turuk and he has been requested that this be done as soon as possible. Except MV Hall, all others have the twin port system and if there is some problem in a particular room, they can lodge a complaint in the Chief Warden’s office and appropriate action will be taken.

MM: As the semester comes to an end, how do you think the conditions in NITR have changed over the past four months?

CW: I feel that the conditions of living have improved from what they were last year. The cleanliness of the hostels and the campus in general has improved drastically. I have had students who were in government colleges in their +2 come up to me and tell me that they were astonished to see NITR, being a government institute is so clean and tidy. Also, previously, there were many cases where the boarders damaged the equipments in the halls. The number of such cases has also come down considerably but hasn’t stopped completely. This shows a change in the mindset of the boarders. This is a gradual process and if it continues in this manner, very soon all such nuisances will stop entirely.

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