Welcoming the Budding Miners

Welcoming the Budding Miners

Jan 11, 2016 | Andrew Jose Ignatius Milton

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The Freshers’ welcome for the Department of Mining Engineering was held on 4th September, 2015 at 6 PM. It was organised by the sophomores for the newly arrived freshers into the department. There was a slight damper on the proceedings due to the inevitable power cut from 6-7 PM. However, this could not dampen the spirit of the organisers, who used the flashlights on their mobile phones to proceed with the festivities, improvising like true engineers.

The freshmen entered promptly, looking smart in their crisp white formals. A cake was cut for welcoming the new faces into the department. The chief guest of the event, the Mining HOD Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra gave a speech, welcoming the freshmen into the department. Other professors in attendance, Prof. Himanshu Bhushan Sahu, Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji Nimaje, Prof. Nikhil Prakash, Prof. Singam Jayanthu and Prof. Hrushikesh Naik also imparted their wisdom to the newcomers.

The event was anchored by Abhinav Kumar Singh, who welcomed various performers onstage. Lapan Naik gave a vivid vocal performance, followed by a floor-rocking dance performance by the fresher Chiranjibi Santi. The sophomores Deepak Kumar Panda and Guttula Vivek also gave a dance performance for the freshers. This was followed by a friendly interaction through which Chiranjibi Santi was named Mr. Fresher.

Despite the technical difficulties such as the short power cut, the event was a great success and budding engineers relished the festivities arranged. Team MM wishes the freshmen an exhilarating engineering voyage though the tides if NITR.

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