Time Series Analysis

Time Series Analysis

Shweta Das | Feb 08, 2016

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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HS) conducted a four-day Short Term Course on “Time Series Modelling and Forecasting: Using E-Views Package” during 27th-30th January, 2016. The short term course was organised by Prof. Mantu Kumar Mahalik as Principal co-ordinator and Prof. Narayan Sethi as co-ordinator of the course under the Department of HS. In the inaugural session, the event was chaired by Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi, the honourable Director and Prof. Gopal Krishna Panda, the Dean (SRICCE) along with Prof. Bhaswati Patnaik, Head of the HS Department. On a final note, our honourable Director in his academic language has beautified the significance of time series techniques in producing better management of the economic activities.  

The event housed 27 participants from different parts of the country along with the research scholars of the same department and that of the school of management. The entire course was divided into two components – theoretical knowledge construction of fundamental econometrics and its practical sessions on time series modelling and forecasting. The course also gave away numerous tips on building research capacity of the participants within a short span of time.

The course was designed primarily for young and emerging research scholars and faculty members in various academic disciplines of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management. The course was also inclusive of other diversified participants including corporate, governments and NGOs. The course was interdisciplinary in nature because the thrust was to introduce the application of time series forecasting techniques to several economic and non-economic theories of various academic disciplines with the help of using real world data sets. Moreover, studying economics subject along with other disciplines including social sciences, humanities and management will necessarily train heterogeneous participants of this course to solve people’s multifaceted problems in the society.  

In line with the strong conviction of Prof. Mantu K. Mahalik, it is taken in his belief that there should be a marriage between theory and practice, and a balanced mixture of both in any sphere of knowledge or in various academic disciplines to enable policymakers, governments and corporates for making an effective policy construction, promoting the human welfare and enhancing better management capacity of the existing and new business ventures in an economy. Influenced by his noted conviction, the main focus of this course was on providing both the theory and practice driven-training to the participants attended in this event.

In the valedictory session, the concluding event was chaired by Prof. Gopal Krishna Panda, the Dean (SRICCE) along with Prof. Mantu Kumar Mahalik and Prof. Narayan Sethi as course coordinators. Given the satisfied mode of this event from viewing the perspective of the participants, he congratulated the HS department and wished to see more such productive endeavours in the near future.


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