Abhipsa Nayak | Feb 15, 2016

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The Inaugural function of All India seminar on Sustainable Technology for Cleaner Environment (STCE) was organized by the Institution of Engineers (India) Rourkela Local Center in association with Department of Chemical Engineering, Youth Movement Federation of India (YMFI) and IIChe (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers) on 13 February at PPA. The seminar aimed at creating effective forum for exchange of innovative ideas and research work in the field of sustainable development. Lighting of the lamp by dignitaries with invocation song marked the beginning of the ceremony. It was then followed by the welcome address by Mr S.S. Bhue, IEI Center Chairman. Dr. Hara Mohan Jena of Chemical Engineering Department then gave an introduction of the seminar theme “sustainable technology for cleaner environment”. The gathering was then addressed by Prof R.K Singh who focused on the field of Chemical Engineering highlighting its importance in dealing with the technology for manufacturing products like fertilizers, paints, drugs and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, processed food economically, safely and with minimal impact on the environment.

Prof G.K. Roy was the guest of honour who has served the Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Rourkela for 40 years. He was the last Principal of erstwhile REC Rourkela and the first director of NIT Rourkela. Prof Roy addressed the gathering and made them realize the importance of sustainable development in the present world. It was then followed by the release of Souvenir of STCE-2016. Mr S. Das, Executive Director of Rourkela Steel Plant was the chief guest of the ceremony. He mainly focused on creating world scale green technology to pursue development while managing emission from industries. Prof. S.K Sarangi, Director NIT Rourkela provided a note on sustainable development highlighting on new technologies that generates same amount of electricity, plastic and other products out of less resources and creating less harm to the environment. He focused on “Zero effect, Zero defect”. Zero effect signifies that the industries should not have any negative effect on the environment and zero defect signifies that the product should be of superior quality.

The effort of the chemical engineering community in producing all the good things of life creating minimal damage to the environment and keeping it below the critical value so that nature would cure itself is appreciable.

Mementos were then provided to the dignitaries Shri S. Das (Chief Guest), Prof S.K Sarangi(Director), Prof G.K. Roy(Guest of Honor), Prof R.K Singh (HOD, Chemical Engineering Dept.). Lastly Prof M Panda, IEI center Honorary Secretary gave a vote of thanks and the ceremony ended up with the national anthem.  


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