Charging Ahead with Goals Set High: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Charging Ahead with Goals Set High: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Aug 01, 2016 | Dibya

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The Department of Humanities & Social Sciences has been functioning full-fledgedly since the inception of the institute. After the conversion of REC to NIT, with the leadership of Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi, the department has flourished a lot. It caters to the need of the students by providing them with a variety of courses in Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, English, Sanskrit, Psychology etc.

The Department has been thriving over the years and every year it brings something new & fresh for the students. This time too it has myriad plans in the pipeline to enhance students’ communication, management and social skills that is essential for their future.

Apart from providing courses to post-graduate students like Masters Programme in Development studies and PHD Programme, the HS department also caters to the needs of undergraduate students with its Language Lab Course and Open Elective courses. It has a number of Laboratory courses – Statistical Lab-I, Advance Language Lab, Writing Lab, Field Study, Behaviour Science Lab, Statistical Lab-II and Data Management Lab.

The Humanities department has a multitudinous amount of projects, workshops and conferences coming up in the future. In August, Prof Jalandhar Pradhan and Prof Vikash Mishra from the Economics wings will be conducting training programme on SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). This department is also going to conduct a National conference on Development, Dispossesion and Resistance (DDR 2016) on 14th& 15th November where the main objective is to instil lost faith in the minds of common people. This conference is going to bridge the gap between the administration and the common people by bringing together all the primary stakeholders – poor marginal communities like Dalits & tribal people who have been displaced from their land, prominent activists & politicians, bureaucrats and academicians so that they can all put their brains together to work out a plan that minimises resistance and maximises the efficiency of development projects in the country.

Even with a less number of facilities and shortage of physical space, the faculties are relentlessly working on projects to solve socio-economic challenges faced by humanity as a whole. With the vision of reaching an aspired pinnacle, this department is looking forward to add more feathers to its cap. Team MM wishes it all the best for all its future endeavours.

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