Aim Higher: New Year, New Targets

Aim Higher: New Year, New Targets

Sampoojya Choppalli | Aug 01, 2016

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In the 21st century, technology is omnipresent in our lives. With a boom in the technology sector, it is proving to be a lucrative career opportunity for students, who are at the juncture to pass out from school and are considering different career options. Computer Science and Engineering is one of the most popular courses for all engineering aspirants. NIT Rourkela has a well established Department of Computer Science and Engineering which produces a fresh batch of bright minds, with every passing year. The new Head of Department, Prof. D.K. Mohapatra, has set down a few new rules to be followed and targets to be accomplished.

His first target is to set up class rooms in the department itself. The extension of the department has obviously increased the number of rooms, giving the professors an opportunity to conduct classes in the department instead of conducting them in LA. His second target is to set up new laboratories since the existing laboratories in the department are too small to accommodate strengths of around 110 students. For this, the HOD has already set up all the computers and furniture that will be needed using a generous budget of 35 lakhs provided by the government of India.

His third target is to set up one laboratory for each professor. Currently, there are 19 professors among which only 9 are the in-charges of one research laboratory, each. Prof. Mohapatra’s fourth target is to contact agencies like TCS, INFOSYS, and IBM to set up some excellent laboratories at our institute. This will not only increase the standard of the department but also boost the internship opportunities in these companies and eventually lead to an increase in the number of placements.

To increase Institute Industry Interaction, he said that there will be seminars and expert lectures conducted for students which is also his fifth target. Besides the normal B. Tech course, there is a M. Tech program on analytics and decision sciences which is a multidisciplinary course. Here the participants maybe from CSE, mathematics or some other departments. Hence, the Dean(AC), Prof. B. Majhi, is planning to provide rooms for other departments in the extension part of computer science department so that it can help the students from other departments to take this course.

Last mission is to increase the number of faculty as currently, there is faculty shortage. Team MM wishes the Department of CSE greater success in this academic year.


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