Quintessence of Success: Sachin Jain

Quintessence of Success: Sachin Jain

Aug 15, 2016 | Sriya Sainath

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Sachin Jain, 2010 batch alumnus of NIT Rourkela, is a Software Development Engineer - II at Amazon Development Centre, India, with ample experience in test-driven and agile development. Team MM caught up with him during a recent visit of his to NIT-R to find out more about the man who’s as dedicated and determined as his story of triumph exemplifies.


MM: Please share with us a few details of your early life, before you joined NIT Rourkela.

SJ: I grew up in Sindhekela, a village panchayat located in Balangir district, where I completed my elementary schooling. Following that, I moved on to Bhubaneswar, and ended up taking admission in the BJB Junior College to pursue my intermediate education. I then got enrolled in Bansal classes in Kota to receive engineering coaching, after which I joined NITR.


MM: What do you believe are your fondest memories, ones you’ll cherish forever, amongst your varied experiences at NITR?

SJ: When we joined at first, there were six of us placed in a cosy room in the then referred to as “Hall-3”, which could accommodate hardly six beds in total. Though we can call ourselves favoured because we were lucky enough to receive single rooms for the rest three years of our stay here, the time we spent with each other, right from the start when we were utter strangers, to the end when we turned into the best of friends, was something I’ll probably never be able to forget.


"I believe that after you pass out of your college, your degree, and your placement- they obviously matter, but the most valuable assets you’ll gain are the moments you share with your friends- they remain with you forever."


MM: What extra-curricular activities were you involved in during your stay at NIT?

SJ: I was a member of the SUN club which was the campus ambassador for SUN Microsystems then. We used to conduct regular coding sessions, classes to introduce freshmen to recent technologies, and organize technical events.


MM: How has your experience been in a tech giant like Amazon?

SJ: I started my career as an SME at Amdocs, but I didn’t feel like I was utilizing my potential or contributing to the development of the company there; so I started searching for better opportunities and got through into Amazon. The best thing I like there is the end-to-end ownership implementation; I make choices pertaining to, and take responsibility for all arenas of my product- right from design, technology, coding, and post-production support. The environment is challenging indeed: we have a very high bar for hiring as well as for retention- the candidates hired have to be better than the ones already present in the company. This motivates you to work even harder, and while you could end up with sleepless nights, all the effort’s worth it when you see customers’ actually using your work.


MM: Have you noticed any changes worth mentioning in the campus since your last visit?

SJ: There have been a lot of evident infrastructural improvements, with new buildings, restaurants, and gates being built. Also, the coding standard among students has improved lately, probably due to more technological companies visiting the campus.


MM: Being involved in the placement process, how do you think has the scenario changed in the same since your time at NITR?

SJ: During our batch’s placement, the recession had struck, so we mostly had mass recruiting companies and Microsoft visiting the campus- but the bright side was that we all ended up getting placed. But the students now are more interested in technology, so they’re looking for better jobs. One can see more contribution from training and placement coordinators; one can see students into robotics; one can see them participating in external coding competitions- overall, the enthusiasm among students has risen to an all-new high in recent times.


MM: What are you views on the alumni relations at NITR? Do you have any improvements you would like to be brought about in the same?

SJ: There are a couple of forums for us, like the NITR Alumni Meet, where we get to build our relations. But the connection between the alumni and the existing students is not impressive. To bridge the said gap, the students can ping us for any help during placement or organizing events, and in order for them to be able to avail the required contact information, the institute could maintain a directory with records of name and phone numbers of the alumni which the students can have access to.


MM: How vital do you think our alumni contacts are in the placement process?

SJ: As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always tried to persuade my HR team to visit NITR for recruitment, as I believe have many others. But the main problem one faces during a trip here is the transportation, because of lack of direct flights to Rourkela from prime locations. One agenda where the training and placement cell’s missing out is while reaching out to the alumni who are start-up owners. If not for placements or internships, it’ll help bring forth young entrepreneurs, and that’s as important as getting placed.


MM: You’ve been at Amazon, which is an extremely well-renowned company, for quite a while now. What the secret ingredient behind your success story which you would like to reveal to the current students?

SJ: My mantra would be to have within your eye, the goal you want to achieve, and pursue that which you want to, instead of blindly following the herd.

I tried twice before getting into Amazon. Therefore failure is unavoidable; one needs to climb the stairs of defeat before one tastes triumph. But one also needs to prevent himself from being disheartened by the same, assume responsibility for all he’s done, and work on diligently to achieve his target.

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