Towards A Great Leap

Towards A Great Leap

Sampoojya Choppalli | Aug 22, 2016

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Internships play a crucial role in an engineering student’s life. They present an opportunity to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge in a domain of your choice, while building your personal and professional network of people from different countries and cultures. This multi-cultural exposure broadens your perspective and power drive your career graph as international work experience in globalization context is considered immensely valuable. It is obvious that students will be bored listening to the same old lectures every day. Practical classes play a vital role in making excellent engineers. One needs on the job experience before sitting for a job interview. One needs to know what happens in the industry and must have some knowledge related to their job. But the question is, is it necessary to have some knowledge about work experience before doing your internship? Yes, of course. For this reason as well as to encourage the youth and appreciate their work, NIT Rourkela has launched AMDOCS 6 month project, program or AMDOCS cloud-based innovation lab for all pre final year students and not for the final year students as they will be busy looking for jobs and in their project work. Hence, it is like a preparation before you join a job or do your internship. Recently i.e., on 8th of August, two professors from our institute, S. K. Jena and B. D. Sahoo, attended a conference in Pune, Maharastra, to discuss and start this cloud-based innovation lab. According to Mr. S. K. Jena,

The course offered by this program is not generally covered in the engineering syllabus. This is specifically for helping students know more about the industry and to gain knowledge about what they do in companies before going for their summer internships.

AMDOCS innovative lab is an innovative cloud learning portal providing a personalized role and scenario based learning experience that improves employee performance. Students from various colleges will be participating in this program. Interested candidates will be selected by the institute and made into groups of 5-7 students each. They will interact with the employees of AMDOCS through video conference and gain some work related knowledge and simultaneously start working on their projects. Students will be evaluated through these 6 months thoroughly and by the end of the program, one group will be selected on the basis of their work, project and innovative ideas. Such selected group from every college will be offered an opportunity to conduct a presentation at Pune and the best group which can be from any participating institutes, will be awarded with a prize money of INR One Lakh. This project will not only ensure a lifetime experience of a student, a future employee would need to manage between the various spheres of the job. The students would have an access to a cloud storage where all the required information would be available at any hour of the day. Though the official eligibility for this project are pre-final year of B Tech degree students, dual degree are also allowed to participate in this. This ambitious project would be a lifetime project for the students as well as the professors associated with it. Team MM wishes department of Computer Science and Engineering good luck so that the project not only takes off but comes with flying colours.


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