SPSS In Demographic and Health Care Research

SPSS In Demographic and Health Care Research

Dibya | Sep 05, 2016

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The Humanities and Social Sciences Department conducted a Short-Term Training Programme on Application of SPSS in Demographic and Health Care Research from 16th August to 18th August 2016. The workshop was organised by Prof. Jalandhar Pradhan as Principal co-ordinator and Prof. Bikash Ranjan Mishra as co-ordinator of the course under the Department of HS.

The workshop was designed primarily for the students, researchers, monitoring and evaluation specialists, project members of NGOs, public health officials, employees from Industries who need to conduct quantitative data analysis in the areas of demographic and health care research.

This training programme aimed at understanding various concepts that are being used in demographic and health care research. Moreover, hands-on experience was provided to the participants in analysing and interpreting data using SPSS. All methods were demonstrated using large scale data sets (e.g. NFHS, DLHS etc.). Besides these, through this workshop, it was also instructed how to use appropriate methods of formulating and writing professional publications and/or reports.

The course was divided into three days. The first day started with the introduction of various data sets available for demographic and health care research and SPSS software. The second day focused on data management and univariate and multivariate data analysis using graphical tools as well as constructing different indices. Testing of hypotheses for varieties of qualitative and quantitative data was the main content on the final day.

In the inaugural session, the event was chaired by the honourable Director of NIT Rourkela and the Dean of SRICCE adorned the chair as the guest of honour. It was thoroughly appreciated by one and all and was considered a success in the field of social sciences. According to Prof. Pradhan and Prof. Mishra, the primary objective of the workshop was fulfilled and participants carried a good memory to their respective profession along with practical exposure.


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