Signal-ing The Newbies: ECE Fresher’s

Signal-ing The Newbies: ECE Fresher’s

Abyakta Patra | Sep 06, 2016

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With the aim of aiding the freshmen in the unknown land and to instil a feeling in them for their respective departments, branch welcome parties are organized at the beginning of each academic year. On a fine Tuesday evening, the seminar hall of the department of Electronics and Communication engineering was decorated and was all set to welcome a new batch of freshmen. The evening began with the anchors Yasmin, Dibya, Hitesh and Rajagopal introducing the clueless freshmen to their department and letting them know of its various prospects. It was followed by the auspicious ceremony of lighting the lamp which was done by the HOD, Prof. K. K. Mohapatra, and other faculties. After lighting the lamp, Prof. K. K. Mohapatra addressed the audience and familiarised them with the dos and don’ts during their stay in the institute. The freshmen were really motivated and were thankful to him for his inspirational words.


This was followed by a thrilling dance performance by Shivangi and Sneha which triggered a huge round of applause from the audience and set the tone for an entertaining evening. Next in line was a group dance by the first year girls which was followed by a group song by the boys. The evening also showcased a semi-classical performance where a group of girls succeeded in mesmerising the crowd. The last performance was a group dance by the boys, which succeeded in involving the audience and even the final year students were seen dancing to the tune. In the meanwhile, food packets were distributed and a questionnaire was given to the freshmen to answer. Based on their responses, a few freshmen were selected for the final round of Mr. and Miss. Fresher. After interviewing and judging them on several grounds, Anshuman and Sravya were selected as Mr. and Miss. Fresher respectively.



At the end, there was an interactive session in between the freshmen and their seniors, where the newbie’s got their queries answered. The freshmen were seen enjoying the evening and were really enthusiastic to know more about their department. The sophomores had conducted the entire program and were happy to see the event ending on a positive note. The evening ended with a group photo session and everyone left the hall with cheesy smiles on their face!




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