Furtherance for good

Furtherance for good

Anubhav Singh | Oct 31, 2016

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The Electrical Engineering branch of NIT Rourkela organized a short term course on Power Electronics Design and MPPT Algorithm for PV system. The course was sponsored by TEQIP-II under the head of Industry-Institute interaction and went on for two days from 5th October 2016 to 6th October 2016.

Prof. Susovan Samantha, one of the coordinators-cum-course instructor of the event recently published two journals about MPPT Algorithm, along with his Ph. D students. His intention behind this Industry Institute interaction event was to share this information and gauge the practical feasibility of his newly discovered algorithm. However not much interest was exhibited by the invited companies about which Prof. Samantha explains:


 Prof. Gopalkrishna and I sent invitation to almost forty companies out of which twenty were Odisha based and rest from West Bengal but we did not get any response from any of the companies. The possible reason may be lack of R&D department in these companies.


The only participants were a few scientists from CSIR-CMERI Durgapur and M.Tech and Ph.D. students of the institute.

The program started directly without any inaugural ceremony due to time constraints. The eight-hour schedule was similar for both the days and comprised of four-hour lecture in the first half and two-hour lecture along with two hours worth of lab demonstration in the second half.

Apart from the modified algorithm proposed by Prof. Samantha other topics like Inverter design, different modulation technique, PLL and Power Control were discussed by Prof. S. Gopalkrishna, the other coordinator-cum-course instructor.

As Prof. Samantha said that a lot of companies are installing this PV based system but they are not investing in R&D and are using the available technology in its existing form. Moreover, he pointed out that they were informed about this event being an Industry-Institute interaction type only ten days before the scheduled date, which is another reason of poor participation. When asked if he had any plans regarding a detailed course on this topic he replied positively:

I have this in mind to call lecturers from IITs later on. But, time and sponsorship are two prerequisites for that purpose and if we get that then we can certainly have a detailed course on this topic. 


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