A Technical Faceoff

A Technical Faceoff

Oct 31, 2016 | Swetaparna Sarangi

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Despite being a technological institute of national importance, NITR conducts only one technical fest, Innovision, in an academic year as opposed to three cultural ones. However, the flamboyancy and participation witnessed in the same make up for the lack of balance of the two in the two semesters. Akin to this spirit, Tech Day is a yearly daylong celebration to generate interest and involvement amongst students for the forthcoming fest, in which clubs put forth events for the NITR populace. However, due to the absence of any Technical event in the spring/even semester, fund crunch, and also due to the depreciation of quality in terms of year-wise participation and of events, Tech Day for 2016-17 was replaced with Pre-Innovision week.

Essentially serving the same purpose as Tech Day, Pre-Innovision week is to be conducted a week prior to the fest and comprises of online based events by various clubs. Unlike Tech Day, no budget has been allocated for the same. Although Innovision ends on the 6th of November, the workshop by E-Cell scheduled on the 18th of November is included in the Pre-Innovision week.

With the events being conducted in full swing, Team MM came up with a poll to ascertain how satisfied were the NITR populace with the following poll:
“How do you rate the Pre-Innovision Week as opposed to the Tech Day organized before mid-sems?”

A fair 53% felt that being an online event the number of participants was huge and also from different years.

Since participation, in any event, does not require one’s physical presence at a particular place and time, there was increased participation from last years. Few of the events can be played on cell phones with an active internet connection as well, boosting the participation further.

A humble 32% were of the opinion that making it an online event did not give many first years a chance to participate in it as they are devoid of laptops and hence Tech Day was more preferable.

Nevertheless, it is to be kept in mind that few of the events can be played on other devices like cell phones with an active internet connection. However, it is not as convenient as using a laptop.

A neutral 15% felt that both were equally good in terms of variety and attracted a large number of participants.

There is a proposal under way for conducting a Tech Day in the even/spring semester, to ensure even distribution of events in an academic year and better management of funds.

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