Playing the High Game: Inter-Hall Volleyball Tournament

Playing the High Game: Inter-Hall Volleyball Tournament

Nov 14, 2016 | Saswat Choudhury

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Volleyball, a sport which has a history dating back to 1896 has not received enough relevance in India. But as a sport, it enthuses and inspires many. NIT Rourkela has several ardent players who have proved their talents in various national sports meets. For any volleyball aficionado, the biggest event in the institute is the Inter-hall competition. With much hype and alacrity, the Inter-Hall Volleyball tournament was held across 6 days starting from 1st of October.

All the eight boys’ hostels were divided into two pools: pool A consisting of D.B.A, S.D, M.V and S.S.B, pool B had V.S, G.D.B, H.B and M.S.S. However, no one from S.S.B hall came for participating. Matches were played from 6:30 pm to 8 pm at two courts: one in front of M.V hall and the other in front of the academic gate simultaneously. The sports officer, T.R Patnaik was invited as the chief guest. On the first four days, halls from two different pools played against each other. They played for 3 sets consisting of 15 points each. The top two halls from each pool qualified for the semi-finals. The semi-finals and the final matches had 5 sets of 25 points each. After beating their respective opponents, SD and VS made it to the finals. After a thrilling encounter, it was VS that finally managed to come out with flying colours. Arun Kumar Palla, the boys’ captain said that

The turnout for the tournament was high and it was a great match.

 On the last day, the ladies’ team also played a match between K.M.S and C.V.R halls. They played for 3 sets and the winning hall was K.M.S. Punyaja Dash, the girls' team captain was quoted as

It was a pretty good match. But it was a bit skewed as K.M.S had more number of players from institute team than C.V.R.

Though the event was just before Dussehra vacations, the number of people turning up for the match was high and it culminated in a good match. Team MM congratulates the winning teams and wishes all the participants good luck.



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