Ensuring a ‘Happy Journey’

Ensuring a ‘Happy Journey’

Anubhav Singh | Nov 14, 2016

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The discovery of airborne vehicles has been a turning point in the history of conveyance and transportation. The vast sky and the relatively small air crafts, along with their scanty numbers assured mid-air collision to be a non-occurring incidence in the early days of aviation. But, a hike in the air traffic triggered by the growing preference of aircrafts over terrestrial modes of conveyance has brought an alarming inflation in mid air collision incidents and the current situation demands stringent steps to curb such happenings in future.

Adopting a pace towards creating awareness regarding traffic collision avoidance the Department of Electrical Engineering of NIT Rourkela organised a short term course on CURRENT AND NEXT GENERATION AIRCRAFT COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM (CNGACAS-2016) sponsored by TEQIP-II under the Faculty Development scheme which went on for two days from 1st October 2016 to 2nd October 2016. The course was meant for training of faculties and staff of technical universities and was attended by around twelve participants from universities like VSSUT Burla, KIITS Bhubaneshwar, CET College of Engineering and other technical institutes from Odisha. Prof. Prasanna Kumar Sahu the coordinator-cum-course instructor explained that only local candidates could be gathered because the course commenced on a very short notice which limited the publicity.

The curriculum of the course included technical Sessions and laboratory session in afternoon on Modelling and Simulation of Antennas related to aircraft collision and avoidance system.

Topics covered within those two days were:

1.     Current and next generation aircraft collision avoidance system by Prof. Prasanna Kumar Sahoo ( NITR).

2.     Metamaterial antenna by Prof. Amitabh Bhattacharya ( IIT- Kharagpur).

3.     Online lecture by CST and RAMCOM over antenna design.

On being asked about the reason behind conducting this and whether he is in support of a detailed course on this topic if possible Prof. Sahu replied:

This was an interdisciplinary course and did not require particular specialisation. My prime motive was to create awareness regarding mid air collisions because though the incidences of air traffic collision have dwindled with the introduction of Air Traffic Controller System (ATCS) and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) yet we must ensure zero collision. As for now TCAS is a topic of ongoing research hence the availability of course content is limited which does not provide enough scope for a detailed course.


Despite its commencement at such a short notice the event managed to garner a decent turnout and positive feedbacks.


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