Divergence Of Opinion

Divergence Of Opinion

Nov 14, 2016 | Sampoojya Choppalli

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Just as Multiethnic days passed, NITR has started preparing again for another fest, INNOVISION. The lights were put up, the wall of SAC was again painted and it was all decorated and looked beautiful. While coordinators were busy organizing events, the others were enjoying clicking pictures and attending the pro shows. Like every year, the junta of NITR has given their opinion regarding INNOVISION 2016. 

"About 60% of students felt that the events well planned and coordinated, as a result of which they enjoyed themselves. " 

The amount of effort that the coordinators and volunteers put to make every event successful, the plan which was made to avoid chaos, the work which was divided among all to reduce the burden on few people is undoubtedly appreciable. The students of NITR, the guests and others were admired to see how well planned the events were. The DJ night with a laser show, and the comedy night and the performance by Synergy were major highlights of the fest.  

"About 22% of junta felt that the events and participation were dismal and it could have been a lot better." 

Certainly, while conducting such huge fests, there will be issues that participants would have faced. It can be because of the unexpected crowd or lack of facilities or others. There may have even been a lack of coordination among the organizers, or miscommunication of sorts that lead to several delays and space crunches. 

"About 18% of students did not attend the fest or they didn't care about it." 

Since several events in the fest stay constant, many students who have already attended its previous editions may have chosen not to attend Innovision 2016. Or perhaps with end semester examinations, nearing, those with academic priorities at the top of their list, chose to stay back in their rooms and study. 

Despite all the difficulties and issues faced, the fest would not have been possible without the tireless contributions of every single member of the organizing committee. 

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