No Rest For The Weary?

No Rest For The Weary?

Nov 14, 2016 | Sejal Singh

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Change is the ultimate law of life. While we humans have very well adapted to the changes around us - which are always hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end- we are forced to realize time and again that not every change is an improvement.

NITR junta, especially the residents of CVR Hall of residence, were subjected to one such change as another long-drawn Durga Puja vacation came to an end. As the boarders put down their bags in their respective rooms and set out for an evening stroll, they witnessed a change potent enough to pull the rug from under their feet. The concrete seating benches, which previously served as a respite for tired pedestrians of NITR, now stood wedged and thus, futile.

Naturally, the junta was perplexed and at the very same time, anguished, by this sudden move from the authorities. While who was behind it still remained a mystery, the common guess was that such a change could not have been achieved without the permission from the warden of CVR Hall of residence, Prof. Archana Mallik.

However, it turns out that neither the Chief Warden, Prof. Saroj Kumar Patel nor Prof. Archana Mallik had anything to do with the wedging of benches near CVR.

In a conversation with Team MM, Prof. Saroj Kumar Patel, revealed:

“I’m not aware any such seating benches existed near CVR, neither am I aware that any such thing happened. I am completely unaware of who has done it, and have nothing to do with this incident myself.”

Prof. Archana Mallik, Warden, CVR Hall of Residence, expressed her distress over the same matter, stating:

“Even I’m not aware of who is behind this (wedging of benches). This is absolutely ridiculous and insensitive to the students. Culverts are meant for sitting, and they cannot be removed like this. It would result in inconvenience to everyone.”

Alas, we remain unaware of who issued an order for the wedging of the culverts, but according to Prof. Archana Mallik, a prompt response from the students’ side can bring about a reform in this particular situation:

“This topic should be brought up in the next HMC meeting so that a plausible solution can be reasoned out. Also, we will get to know who issued an order for this.”

While the restoration of the concrete benches can be expected in the near future, the question still remains how such a move could be made without the notice or approval of the authorities. Although minor, such changes affect the junta in myriad ways, and hence, cannot be expected to be received without scrutiny. 



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