Voyaging Midway: SARC Follow Up

Voyaging Midway: SARC Follow Up

Nov 14, 2016 | Nikhil Vobbilisetty Sharmishtha

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Student Alumni Relations Cell abbreviated as SARC is a milestone in strengthening the relations of student and alumni which believes in taking it to a new professional level and an organized stratification.

Perks enjoyed by its members are:

     I.  A sum of INR 1000 will be provided to the students per month to telephone the Alumni.

     II. One time round trip economic air fare to interact with one of the eminent Alumni.

A notice was put up regarding the appointment of students for Student Alumni Relations Cell under which 10 students were selected, at the onset of the autumn semester.  The budget is committed under NITRAA purely and not the institute. Under this SARC Committee, total alumni activities have been divided into four broad categories:

                            I.            Student Relations

                           II.            Faculty and Institute relations

                          III.            Alumni Outreach

                          IV.            Fund Generation



Hurdles and Insight:

 On the prima facie, significant strides are not being observed, but work is being done to set up a foundation for the organization to function. There were some stumbles regarding the budget allocation, initially, due to a crunch of funds between NITRAA and Institute regarding the allocation under various heads. The fund allocation had been finalized in the last executive council meeting of NITRAA, which was adequate to suffice the needs of those selected.
A budget of  INR 3 Lakh  has been allocated for SARC which would incur all the expenses of the telephonic sessions and traveling expenses, both the domestic and International.

In the meeting, it was decided that the official running would begin after the Annual Day Celebrations of NITRAA which will be conducted on 22nd and 23rd of December in Hyderabad, after the accomplishment of which, work such as calling sessions and other directives can be expected to start as per the guidelines and timelines setup in the past few meetings.

Planning Ahead:

It has been ensured that all activities about SARC would not be done at the behest of a student's academics. All the work will be carried out in the Alumni office, where the phones will be installed. As per the convenience of a student, he/she will be allowed to make the call which will be recorded to have their performance analyzed by a number of alumni they have contacted.

There will be a review session. The parameters do not have a well-defined boundary for the judgement, but mostly it will be by quantity and quality of the work done. One amongst the ten of students in the SARC council will be selected as the emerging one who can be referred abroad for the international meetings. Rest of the nine students will be allowed to make the travels and attend the meeting on a domestic prospect. This council is going to be revised every year and since it started late this time due to the delay and the hurdles in initiation we can expect the students to continue for another semester in the next academic year.

The final year students will be acting as a mentor to the sophomores and pre-final years on account of their high-handling experiences through various interactions and club profile. The four groups that have been classified above will be working with Alumni Outreach, and for each of the group, there is a certain fund allocation.

Talking to Prof. Archana Mallik, President, SARC regarding how IITB has a connection of 8000 alumni and how our Institute is striving to get there, she explains, 

“Recently the NAAC team interacted with the alumni and took their feedback regarding what would prove beneficiary. Alumni have a profound impact on the overall development of the institute. If the SARC people let us be in touch with a multitude of alumni we can be stronger than other well reputed institutes such as IITB and other IIMs. Personally I regret as an active member for the cause that the work hasn’t been started but soon, as per the committed deadline it will be incepted. There are a certain misconceptions among people who are skeptical about the funds to which it needs to be clarified that all that has been made viable until now and that is planned ahead was the suggestion and decision of well established and eminent alumni. So once our timeline is reached, we'll get our work started according to that.”

So, let us keep an eye on the future proceeding that is claimed to be started after 23rd of December and have an all positive broad view for all a new start.



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