Clash of Bots: Death Race 5.0

Clash of Bots: Death Race 5.0

Shailee Rath | Dec 12, 2016

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The Death Race event, conducted by the Cyborg club every year, saw its fifth edition this INNOVISION’16. It can be easily voted as the most thrilling and adrenaline-rush-inducing event of the technical fest. The much-awaited flagship event was held on 5th and 6th November at the Student Activity Centre.

A total of 29 teams participated while they were expecting a participation of about 20 teams. The registrations started at about 9:30 AM and the first round of the event began at about 11:30 AM. People gathered around the bamboo stick boundary of the gaming arena as the participating teams checked and perfected their bots.

For the first round, two teams’ bots had to race together. One of the teams was selected by lucky draw, while the opponent team was chosen by the team whose name came up in the lucky draw.

The arena was made up of combinations of natural grass, ground and plywood and had different obstacles like sand, gravel, humps etc. The bots had been made per the size and specifications required as per the rules. The time left over before the time limit was reached was multiplied by a number and added to the score.


An extra power supply point was arranged set up outside the arena for the teams to check the working of their bots before entering the track.

There were loud cheers as the event started. Everyone chose their own bot to support. The best part of the first round was when in the middle of the track the bots had to play a soccer game. There were six members of the Cyborg club around the track who kept noting points for each bot. Thus, the first day saw the completion of the first round successfully. A total of 10 teams were selected from the first round to compete for the second round.

The second round turned out to be even more thrilling and exciting. The track had obstacles, steep slopes, hanging bridge, fire tandoor and water pool. The fire tandoor was the best part of this round. The water pool was just next to the fire tandoor after a few obstacles.

The winners’ names were announced on the last day of INNOVISION after the DJ night. Team Phipha from GCEK, Bhawanipatna were the winners and won a cash prize of rupees 6000. Team AOS from VSSUT, Burla were the runners-up and won a cash prize of rupees 4000.

Thus, Death Race 5.0 was organised successfully thanks to its able organisers and the whole team of Cyborg.





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