Hyderabad Calling!: NITRAA Alumni Reunion 2k16

Hyderabad Calling!: NITRAA Alumni Reunion 2k16

Dec 12, 2016 | Sejal Singh

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The only way an institute can carve a niche for itself in the field of education is by providing a suitable environment to its students to hone their skills, encourage them to spread their wings, train them to face the adversities and come out victorious in this battle of life. The students, in return, do everything in their power to keep their alma mater alive, since it was this place that made them believe that they had something to give to the world.

NIT Rourkela Alumni Association abbreviated as NITRAA, was established by the proud alumni of our institute with an aim to connect to the institute which  acted as nothing less than a launch pad for their careers in their respective fields, and has since then helped it sustain through donations and volunteerism. Keeping a close contact with, and continuing to recognize alumni for their excellence are some of the ways in which NITR has been trying to strengthen its alumni network.

Our alumni today, are spread across the globe as graduates that are intelligent, innovative and effective in their respective fields, in the form of CEOs, chairmen, managing directors, authors, venture capitalists, civil servants, first gen entrepreneurs, amazing disruptors and groundbreaking innovators.

To celebrate the glory our alumni have brought to the institute and reminisce the good old times, NITRAA is organizing the first Annual Alumni Reunion on 22nd and 23rd of December in Hyderabad. The reunion will be attended by the likes of Venkat Peri, C. P. Gurnani, N. R. Mohanty, Sandip Das and Anshuman Das, who will also act as panelists at the reunion discussions, along with current Director Dr. Animesh Biswas, Prof. Somnath Mishra, Prof. G.K. Roy, Prof. C.V. Sastry, Prof. Bidyadhar Subudhi Dean (Alumni Affairs) , and Prof. S.K. Jena Head (Training and Placement) . In addition to this, 15 hand-picked student representatives will also get an opportunity to attend the event and interact with the distinguished alumni in person.

The reunion is aimed at providing a unique opportunity for alumni to connect with their fellows and the current students and be inspired by each others’ achievements. Unlike previous versions of Annual meets, this get-together has been intricately planned to bring together alumni from all the batches since 1965 under one roof. Needless to say, there will be an interaction between the alumni and this will be followed by a Bollywood-themed cocktail evening, which will create the perfect atmosphere for informal interaction and bonding to take place. A picnic and a local sight-seeing trip will end the gala event, on the second day.

With the event merely 10 days away, the organizing team is all set to make this two-day rendezvous a roaring success. Dushyant Mishra, organizer and proud alumnus of NITR, is overwhelmed by the efforts put in by the student volunteers and is confident that the event will be a success, given the status of preparations, which are almost complete as of now:

“This is the first of its kind alumni meet. We have reached out to a very large number of people via a number of channels. The idea is to kickstart the alumni movement and build a bridge between the student and alumni.”

Venkat Peri, President, NITRAA, is looking forward to meeting the alumni at the reunion and extends his well-wishes to the alum network spread all over the world:

We will reminisce the old times, dance and sing songs, celebrate some of the works our alumni have been doing, and even go out for a picnic with our families. Also, we will debate on how more value can be added to the NITR brand. On behalf of NITRAA, I personally extend each and every alum with families of NITR to this first alumni reunion of its kind. I promise each of you that you will walk back with many fond memories and yearning for more!”

For more details, please visit www.nitraa.org/event/get-together-of-nitraa-2016, or for any other queries, contact, Dushyant Mishra: +91 9594081372 and Jagan Mantha: +91 9849080363.

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