Dec 12, 2016 | Gyan Prakash Sahoo

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NIT Rourkela does not stand only as an institute of national importance, but is also a platform for the students to bring out the quality engineers hidden within them and emerge out as responsible citizens of the nation. Since students are the primary stakeholders of any institute, their safety and comfort within the of the campus is of paramount importance. This is the underlying principle of a student body, which represents the student junta, aids in maintaining the decorum and sanctity of the institute and makes the vinculum between the students and the administration.

But as it is said that with great power comes greater responsibilities, similarly with more number of student bodies, their functioning and effectiveness becomes a questionable affair. So Team Monday Morning conducted a survey among the NITR junta to gauge their views on the question “Should a centralized student body be in charge of all the other student containing bodies?”

The answers were an amalgamation of myriads of views which goes like this:-

1.       A whopping percentage of 59 supported the idea

Since a student body represents the students and addresses all their grievances and issues, so it is necessary for the body to have members who have a fair idea about the working of the institute and can address and convince the authorities regarding the various issues faced by the students. So this major chunk of NITR junta claims that a central body, consisting of members elected by the students via a well-structured election, would fulfill the purpose. They even believed that this body would monitor the activities of the other student containing bodies, ensure a proper distribution of work among them and aid in their effectiveness in bringing a change.


2.     26% of the section was not in favor of this idea.

This section of junta believes that each student containing body has its distinct role and duties to perform and hence bringing them under the same umbrella of a central body would force them to lose their autonomy. As a result, they claimed that with this it would become very difficult for the central body to keep a track of the issues of such a huge populace.


3.     The remaining 15% was indifferent towards it.

As the fact is quite evident, among such a humongous populace there would be a section that would have a ‘do not care’ attitude, ones who believe in just remaining absorbed within them and not waste their precious time in thinking about their surroundings. Either way, this section has a neutral opinion with regard to this.


From this poll, it became quite evident that a stable student body is the need of the hour and with the appointment of a new patron, Team MM expects that such a body comes into execution after undergoing scrutiny and following a proper protocol.


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