Combating Worldly

Combating Worldly

Jan 09, 2017 | Arghya Mazumdar

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NITR MAC, being the official martial arts club of NITR has made the institute proud by claiming glory at the first open International Karate Championship which was held in the Campal Indoor Stadium, Panaji, Goa from 8th to 11th December 2016.

The tournament was organized by SCKFI (Shotokan Chidokan Karate Association of India). The number of participating countries was 11 which included major martial arts heavyweight nations like Nepal, Bhutan, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The duo of Kishor Kumar Bora won Gold in the 18+ age category Kata Competition and Debasish Sahu won Gold in the below 50 kg weight category Kumite Competition. He also claimed silver in the 18+ age category Kata competition in fact only losing to his mate Kishore in the final. 

After the state championships, the duo had only a few months before the competition began. Swastik Rout, the founder, and mentor of NITR MAC gave them extra training for the competition. They would practice their routine from 6-9 every day in the evening at DTS. This tough schedule which they rigorously followed showed their zeal and ambition to do well in the championships. They received a standing ovation for their final performance which pitted them against each other. Kishore won by a unanimous decision and was quickly congratulated by the losing finalist.

Speaking to MM, Kishore said,

In the initial rounds of the competition, a judge had called me up and asked about me, being impressed with my performance. In the finals, he again congratulated me on my success. It is for these moments I had worked so hard during my training so that my efforts would be appreciated. I hope I can leave behind a karate culture in the college.”

However, NITR MAC has not been allocated a budget by SAC this year and it faces difficulty in conducting workshops and events. The general interest in joining the club has increased since the previous years and with achievements such as these, the club has now held the banners of NITR high on an international platform too. 

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