An Ocean to the Zealous: Short Term Courses

An Ocean to the Zealous: Short Term Courses

Debasis Choudhury | Jan 09, 2017

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While the NITR junta had been busy preparing for their end semester examinations, they missed out on two short term courses which were conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. DRK Parhi, the co-ordinator of the short term courses did notify the students through webmail, the number of audience left a lot to be desired. It’s not a new fact that there have been short term courses without many students noticing it, but the timing of the courses was during the end of the month of November and the onset of December month last calendar year which mayn’t have been feasible for many students as they were busy in their semester exam preparations.

The first of those courses was a short term course on “Study of 2D and 3D Modelling in the field of Mechatronics, Robotics and Engineering fields(SFMRE)-2016” which was conducted from 25th November-27th November 2016. The course paid attention to the CAD and Modelling part of the aspirants in Mechanical Engineering. Finite element analysis, Condition Motoring, Numerical and Experimental Analysis and Artificial Intelligence were some of the talking points of the three day long course. The theme which was set for the course were AutoCAD, 2D Modelling, 3D Modelling and Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical systems for Condition Motoring including themes like ANSYS, Catia Modelling, FE Analysis and MATLAB tools.  The guest lectures were given by invited dignitaries on topics related to the theme.

After the autumn semester came to an end, and the campus was left with the M. Tech, PhD, Dual Degree and few B. Tech students the department conducted another short term course on “Application of AI Techniques in various engineering fields(AIVEF)” The short term course was conducted from 2nd December to 4th December and didn’t witness a healthy crowd as well. As it’s evident from the title of the course it focussed on Madmani Fuzzy, Sugeno Fuzzy, Types of Neural Networks, GA Algorithm, Artificial Immune Systems and Cuckoo search. These were the themes for the event including other themes such as Bees Algorithm, Potential Field Method and Teach and Learn technique. The event saw guest lectures in which the speakers enriched the audience with their plethora of knowledge.

Approaching the co-ordinator of the events Prof. DRK Parhi about the conduction of the event and the participation he was quoted as saying,

As the short term courses were conducted in the latter part of the autumn semester, there wasn’t much participation but there was visible enthusiasm in those present. The department will conduct another such event in the next month and we are hoping for a better turnout.


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