Marching Towards Better Future: NITRAA Bucket List

Marching Towards Better Future: NITRAA Bucket List

Sejal Singh Pradhyumna Rao | Jan 09, 2017

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In the recently organized Annual Alumni Get-together, held in Hyderabad on 22nd-23rd of Dec, a bucket-list prepared by the Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas, in collaboration with other faculty members and students, was presented to the alumni on day 1. The NITR junta was welcome to pitch their ideas during the compilation of this list, which featured areas where the institute can improve in order to achieve global recognition in the field of education and research, and rank among the best institutions across the world.

Following are the points that found a place on the bucket list presented to NITRAA:

Infrastructural Needs:

The current facilities include 3 full-time doctors at the health center, along with visiting consultants who are present at the health center for four sessions per week. Adjacent to the health center is the Apollo pharmacy, which serves to make the process of obtaining the prescribed medications easy for the students and staff of NITR alike.

Ensuring comprehensive 24x7 primary healthcare with basic surgical setup and diagnostic facilities, full-time specialists, few beds with support staff and ambulance facility were some of the points put forth under the healthcare infrastructure up-gradation plan.

The e-infrastructural requirements such as campus-wide wifi, high-speed internet, and electronic record-keeping were also conveyed to the alumni.

Upgrading Physical Infrastructure:

An indoor stadium with an open-air theater was proposed, which would house 4 badminton courts, 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, 4 table tennis set-ups, 2 squash courts, 2 dancing and singing facility halls, 10 board games apparatus as well as a hall for shooting, archery, and rock climbing.

With Dilip Tirkey Stadium, Sachin Tendulkar Stadium, PT Usha sports complex, and aquatic sports facility already available in the campus, the indoor stadium would not only make sure that students pursue a sport of their choice but also ensure that they have enough choices and proper equipment.

Immediate Academic Needs:

The institute, in collaboration with the alumni, aspires to remodel the academic activities of NITR such that it is ranked among the top 150 QS ranked universities, for which the following points were proposed:

  • To institute 4 chair professors to encourage faculty accomplishments in the emerging areas of research.
  • To seek alumni support for industry sponsored research projects in each department.
  • To induct our alumni serving in top global universities as our adjunct professors.
  • To seek the support from the alumni for mentoring our students for placements, higher studies and internships in top universities and industries.
  • To mentor our young faculty members by distinguished alumni for their visibility in market-driven research.
  • To invite participation from alumni in curriculum development such that our graduates will be preferred by top industries for placement.
  • Moreover, the importance of state-of-the-art laboratories and collaboration with global institutions of research were touched upon. A proposal was also put forward to restart the MCA course from 2017 onwards with PAN-India focus.

Strengthening The MBA Program:

The School of management in NITR has been facing quite a few difficulties, which need to be solved immediately in order to deliver quality education to students. After scrutinizing and contemplating upon various issues, the following points were proposed:

  • The business schools of IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay have been named after Vinod Gupta and Shailesh J.Mehta, the respective alumnus of both the institutes who lent generous support. In this line, the school of management in NITR has been proposed to be named after a distinguished alumnus of the institute.
  • The campus placements of MBA students may be supported as they are prepared to be techno-managers with B.Tech background only.
  • A chair body is expected to set up in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the school of management.
  • The curricula can be revised with consultation from the industry big cheeses along with executive MBA programs for Working Executives.
  • With School of Management functioning in the BM-BT Department, a separate building has been planned and requires funding from the alumnus of the institute.

Placement Push:

The placement Scenario in NIT Rourkela has been improving every passing year. With a steady rise in placements, from 696 in the year 2012-13 to 991 in the year 2015-2016, the highest package has also risen from 10LPA to 24LPA. With a successful graph, campus placements are expected to receive a greater support from the alumni and the following help was proposed:

  • Placements in core engineering disciplines and PSU.
  • M.Tech/ MBA and PhDs are in dire need of extensive help.
  • Industry training (including focused projects, summer internship, long-term internship etc).
  • Enhancing soft skills including communication, presentation, and financial management skills.
  • Alumni mentoring and connections.
  • Visits of alumni periodically to inspire our students.

Technology Innovation and Industry Relation (TIIR):

Technology Innovation and Industry Relation, commonly known as TIIR, has 8 constituent cells, each dedicated to assisting the budding entrepreneurs of NITR in as many ways as possible.

With budding entrepreneurs rising in number in the institute with their innovative start-ups like Awalk, BookFount, and Estinno, both the student community and faculty have ventured into creating startups that have struck a cord with students and remain an inspiration to them.

With start-up culture on a rise, support from the alumni can come about in myriad ways, such as SEED funding, venture capital support, angel investors, government support and handholding from alumni entrepreneurs.

Students' Voice:

Students – Alumni relations have always been given a prime importance in the institute.  In its wake, students have made their call on the necessities and support required from the Alumni, in the form of the following points, which were brought to the fore:

  • More internship and Placement opportunities.
  • ‘Shadow of Alumnus’ Programme.
  • Campus-wide Wi-fi.
  • Funding for Research projects.
  • Sponsorship for Student Activities.
  • Consulting alumni for curricula revision.
  • Help in Collaborating with foreign Universities to facilitate scholarships.
  • A corpus fund for emergency student needs.
  • An extended SAC building with proper facilities for students.
  • Resource for Forum on NITRAA website, like our own Quora.
  • Ice-breaker Student-Alumni interaction.
  • Alumni mentoring – teleconferencing, campus visits etc.

While the bucket list was highly appreciated by the alumni attending the get-together, the aforementioned points were discussed and debated upon in a series of breakout sessions, so as to seek out solutions for the same. Promises were made to look into these matters and try their best to bring about a change and thus, one can expect not one but many drastic transformations come about around the campus in the times to come.



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