Clearing the Air: Ask a Question 3.0

Clearing the Air: Ask a Question 3.0

After a long winter vacation, Team MM brings to you the third instalment of Ask a Question. So after a long wait here is the answer to all your doubts and questions which might have kept you confused for a month.


Prof B. Majhi, Dean, Academics:


Query(Q): Can we know the list of professors that are allotted to us beforehand i.e. during pre-registration, as the books which some of the professors are following during their teaching is different from which that is prescribed in “curricula and curricula” pdf? This is requested so as to buy the same books the professor is about to follow by purchasing in the book fair.

BM:  Whatever the teacher is prescribing, the students are entitled to buy at the book fair. I understand that the teachers allotted to the students are known to them only during registration and that may be the issue here. We can implement this for core (department) courses, but it would be difficult to do so for central courses.


Q: If we opt for a summer course in any semester for one subject, shall we be ineligible for all academic awards for 4 years or only for that year?

BM: Let us suppose that a student clears a subject in his/her first year during the summer course and gets the highest grade in his/her branch. This student will not be eligible for that year ONLY, as the student has been given a second chance at a subject. But if this student becomes a topper in their next academic year without opting for summer courses, the student will definitely receive the academic award for that year. Let us say that this student becomes a gold medallist or branch topper by the end of their final year. He/she will not be receiving the award because this student has cleared a subject in the summer course. So yes, if a student opts for a summer course in any semester for any subject(s), this student shall only be ineligible for academic awards of that year and the final award at the end of the course.


Q: Can a rule be made such that the students can select their department professor for at least one subject of their respective department in their semester?

BM: We do not have such a provision as of now. We can think about this for the department subjects.


Q: Why should there be open elective courses for 4th-year students? Rather, time should be given to them to read fewer subjects but read them thoroughly.

BM: Yes I do agree. Our present curriculum has OEs but is going to go for a major modification. We’re planning on something like this. We’re taking a call on OEs. Open Electives should be interesting, but they’re discouraged amongst the students. So we’re going to look into this matter.


Q: Are any guidelines set to the examiner while correcting the answer scripts? Many times, the examiner gives marks for fully correct answers and awarding zero marks for partially correct answers, also which leads to decrease in pass percentage of that particular subject.

BM: As a matter of fact, I am putting forward a proposal for central evaluation for common subjects. There will be a pool of teachers. Suppose there are 12 questions and six teachers in the central evaluation team. Each teacher will be allotted the questions in his area, let us assume 2 per teacher. Across the branches, this particular teacher will be correcting the same (common) 2 questions allotted to him, in order to ensure fair evaluation.


Q: Can a Faculty ask questions in the exam which he hasn't covered at all, by declaring the student for self?

BM: We have a committee to ensure that the questions that appear in the paper come from the course covered.


Q: Can our question papers be also set in objective type so that we can attempt them digitally which is a part of digital India; and hence saving paper and trees?

BM: Engineering is mostly problem-solving. It is not a question of putting a tick or a cross. You need to solve complex problems. It passes through a problem-solving process; it needs reasoning and innovation. Hence, objective questions cannot be given. Quizzes can be done every now and then, though.


Q: Is taking OE compulsory? It adds an extra burden for students of some particular departments like EE dept, EC dept etc. Can OE be removed?

BM: We are taking a call uniformly across departments. In the new curriculum to come, there will be very few OEs. OEs to be offered in the semesters to come will probably have only humanities courses. Like said before, a change in curriculum is underway.


Team Monday Morning:


Q: Can anyone provide me the number of Prof. Sarojalochan Samal ? 

MM: Please refer to the communication handbook where in you will find the contacts of all the people you need. Given here is the link:


Q: Why does the Team MM doesn`t interview any research scholar about his achievements and scholarships received?

MM: Team MM does interview people from research background about people from a research background. Please stay tuned to the MM website for the upcoming interviews with people from research background.


Q: A separate column should be made in MM for queries.

MM: The ‘Ask a Question’ column is for such queries where in you can post your queries and they will be answered duly in a short period.


Note: All the questions directed towards the Chief Warden and Director will be asked in the upcoming Chief Warden's Column and Director's Desk respectively!

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