Delving Within

Delving Within

Sriya Sainath | Jan 09, 2017

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Sri Tarit Kumar Pal, an alumn who graduated under the discipline of Metallurgical Engineering from the then REC, Rourkela, recently published his fifth book, “Prana to Pranayama”. It deals with the importance of Prana, or vital energy, and discerning the methodology of Pranayama and its role in seeking the divine spiritual link within oneself.

The books formerly released by him were: "Wake up and make it happen" in 2011, whose content primarily concerned the youth, "Power of thoughts" in 2014, "Healing power of breathing" in 2015, and "How to overcome fear, stress and anger", towards the end of March, 2016.

In the humdrum, yet busy everyday lives, one often tends to neglect the very ingredient that feeds our soul, spirituality. The book emphasises on highlighting the importance of the dealt issues in achieving not just mental serenity, but well-ordered and sound physical health. These vital, yet sidelined issues carve the central niche within the writing.

The book was conceptualised and efforts at putting it into form had begun since draft for the third book was submitted to the publisher for approval to publish. It took about two years to complete the entire writing for the recent one, and the process of editing, cross-checking, rectification, and the final acceptance for the book took roughly two months.

Printing and binding followed, which consumed four weeks. The book was released in Delhi by Pustak Mahal on 1st December, 2016. The coloured cover of the book consists of a synopsis of the book along with a description of the author on the back, and a condensed theme of the book at the front.

Sri Tarit Pal believes his works portray various facets of the daily human life and concerns important issues hovering about the same. They aim at reaching out to the common people, in particular the youth and strive towards their betterment within the rigorous life cycle. 


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