Padding Up, Diving in - Inter-NIT Sports Meet

Padding Up, Diving in - Inter-NIT Sports Meet

As National Institute of Technology, Rourkela stirs awake from the winter vacations, the Games and Sports Society of Student Activity Centre (SAC) gears up for the upcoming All India Inter-NIT Sports Meet which is to be held from the 27th to 30th of January. NIT-R is hosting the cricket and swimming tournament which is anticipated to witness participation from teams from almost 27 NITs.

The organizing committee

To ensure that the arrangements run like clockwork, inductions were held for the organizing committee of Inter-NIT Sports Meet, namely for volunteers and coordinators. Prior to the inductions that were held on the 5th of January, a webmail was circulated informing students about the same. Further, the student leaders and team captains were also asked to submit lists of volunteers preferred by them. Combining all these inputs, the interested and able students will be divided into various teams for catering to the accommodation and hospitality needs of the guests, apart from organizing the whole tournament. Each team will be headed by a coordinator. However, the final list and work division have not been done yet.


The initial plan to make use of the institute buses for the to and fro journey between the stadium and campus was rejected because the buses would be in use for other excursions and trips. Hence, unlike last year the society plans to outsource the travel arrangements to a private travel agency which will provide the necessary vehicles.

Prof. Bibekananda Mallick, the vice-president of Games and Sports Society, clarified,

According to the institute policy, the hiring of private vehicles can be done only when we receive an official notice that the institute vehicles are not available. For the time being we are awaiting that notice.



For the accommodation of officials traveling with the teams, both guest houses in the institute have been booked. The players themselves will be staying in S.D. Hall of Residence.


The food for players playing matches inside the campus will be provided by the in-house caterer. Nevertheless, the food supplies in the matches held outside the campus are being planned to be handed over to private vendors since the in-house caterers cannot provide packaged food together with the normal meals at the mess.

Prof. Bibekananda Mallick said,

We have already sent out with the enquiries to a minimum of 6 firms and are awaiting the quotations with the deadline being 10th January. Once we receive those, we will choose the lowest option and place the lowest order. This same procedure is also being followed for the outsourcing travel and tent arrangements.


First Aid

In addition to the first aid tent catering to mild injuries, the institute ambulance will be present throughout the matches in case of serious medical emergencies.


Budget allocation

The equipment’s of all sports were ordered under the Annual Purchase Order and are being delivered according to their availability. The props necessary in the matches like jerseys of umpires, floaters, lane separators etc. have been procured. The budget set for the Inter-NIT Sports Meet is approximately 11 lakh INR which are used only on accommodation, remuneration to the umpires etc.


Teams' Preparations


The Inter NIT cricket tournament will be held from 27th - 30th January in Rourkela. So far, 25 NITs from all around India have registered for this tournament and it will indeed be a nail-biting experience for NITR to witness a cricket tournament of such a massive scale. The team that reached quarter-finals in last year’s inter-NIT cricket tournament and bagged the silver medal in IIT BHU earlier this academic year, has not shuffled much but the performance level of each player and the team as a whole, has definitely improved by leaps and bounds. The matches will be played in 3 stadiums - Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS), Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex (STSC) and ISPAT Cricket Stadium. While a few matches will be held at ISPAT stadium situated in Sector-6 which is outside the campus, the final match is scheduled to be held at STSC. The team has put in relentless efforts in coming out of their comfort zones and tried new formats and patterns of practicing like back-running catches, practicing in concrete pitches, etc. 
Saurav Mishra, the captain of the institute cricket team, said,

Every time you are leading a team, you are hopeful that your team is going to perform well. As I said, our performances have increased by leaps and bounds as compared to last year and the recently concluded tournament at IIT-BHU. So, the team is hopeful that it will bring back the trophy to where it belongs. 



The swimming team that had finished second in last year's tournament is surely looking forward to going that extra mile it fell short of. The tournament will feature a number of events including freestyle (50m, 100m, and 200m (men)), backstroke (50m and 100m), breaststroke (50m and 100m (men)), butterfly stroke (50m and 100m (men)), 400m medley (men). A total of 9 teams are participating, so far. The event fixtures have not been decided yet but the events will take place at swimming pool from 10 am to 1 pm on 28th and 29th January 2017. 

Amit Rajkonwar, the captain of the swimming team, said,

The team has not been finalised yet, however, the selection for the team will be done mostly on the basis of the recently conducted inter-hall swimming tournament. Under the guidance of Purnima Ma'am, the coach of the swimming pool team, we have improved a lot from last time and even the institute is providing sufficient facilities for us. We are hoping to top the medal chart this time.

I would suffice to say, with a group of very dedicated individuals at the very crux of the scene working hard with an aim of bringing laurels to the institute, the Games and sports society at NIT Rourkela operates at the backdrop and not only just nurtures many sporting talents, but also tries to create an atmosphere that works as a podium for students to showcase their talents.



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