A Short Documentary: FMS Review

A Short Documentary: FMS Review

One among the four societies of SAC, Film and Music society holds a place of its own. It brings out various hidden talents and helps them in improving their skills, teamwork, communication skills, and organising skills. In addition, they shoulder the responsibility of organising three fests, annually. 


The council heading the society consists of eight elected members or secretaries and two nominated members or dean-nominees supervised by two Vice Presidents, Prof. Vamshi Reddy and Prof. Arjun Mukherjee. The society consists of 7 clubs namely

  • Heartbeats
  • Euphony
  • Cinematics
  • Third Eye
  • Mavericks
  • Synergy
  • Drill and Bass

Budget Allocation

The society follows a fixed procedure while allocating budget to the clubs, where each club comes up with a proposal every year, giving a detailed breakup of all the events that have been planned for the upcoming semester. They also give a detailed report on the assets that they want to build upon. In the end, proposals are collected from each club and then compared, after which the most feasible allotment is decided among the committee members.

Every year the society tries to focus on a few clubs and an aspect of those clubs that they can develop in the course of that particular year. Like in the year 2015, a higher priority was given to the music clubs. However, that doesn't imply that other clubs were allocated a lower amount. The VPs explained:

This is done in order to achieve the best results in a certain area, which is called 'asset building'.  The allotment is solely based on the concerns of the club. This year, more importance has been given to clubs like Cinematics and Third Eye and in the upcoming years we will explore another aspect.

The funding is purely based on the demands and requirements of the clubs. Even the past year's budget is taken into consideration so as to be fair in their allotment, and to avoid allotting too less or too high amounts. Other than the club funds, some money is also allocated to FMS in general for the activities and workshops it conducts and organises.


Tackling Impediments

The two dance clubs under the society namely ‘Synergy’ and ‘Mavericks’ have been struggling with the problem of practice space. More often than not both the clubs need to practice on a regular basis but the space provided is not enough to accommodate them simultaneously. When approached with this matter the VPs of FMS said that they have already instructed the presidents of the respective clubs to identify a space which they would want to use and once that is done they will move forward to get permissions from the authorities. However, they also said that it is very unlikely that the members of both the clubs would practice seven days a week so the clubs can come to a mutual agreement about scheduling their practices in such a way that there is no date clash.

In the previous year, Mavericks could not get the reimbursed amount on time and the amount that they were later reimbursed was lesser than what the bills they had submitted accounted for. They claimed that the actual bills submitted by them had been misplaced by SAC and hence members had to incur losses. Regarding this, the VPs said:

It is always possible to get an advance or reimbursement, but one cannot expect this to happen in no time as we have to follow the bureaucratic procedures as well.This process includes giving a proper description of the advance to be availed and then filling out a form, which undergoes several levels of verification and scrutiny. So according to the rules, there isn't any issue, they just have to plan it beforehand.

According to them, the problem is that students leisurely submit their bills after they return from an event, which leads to unnecessary delays. If the bills reach the administration after March, then they get stuck in the administration or SAC and the amount is deducted from the next academic year. On the whole, it is a cumbersome procedure. They have suggested that students should make sure to apply a month prior to their events for availing an advance from SAC.

Future Vision

The clubs were divided in their opinion regarding the recent decision of scrapping the Multi-Ethnic Fest and International Students' Meet. While some agreed that it was indeed a good move that would allow them to invest more time in practice and learn basic techniques, others thought that it would be a great set back to them as these fests served a major platform for their activities. For example, Drill n Bass particularly regrets the cancellation of ISM as they had planned some major events for it since it constitutes an audience of their genre.  For Heartbeats, the Multi-Ethnic Fest was an important stage for classical music. After the recent changes, the club they will be able to showcase their talents on some other occasion. In this context, both the VPs unanimously stated:

There are too many fests. We do not want to remove that but to streamline them. It should not be perceived that 'multi-ethnic is scrapped and spring fest remained'. We are deliberating to sum them up but what proportion of it would be like multi ethnic and what proportion of it would be like spring fest is yet to be planned. For this academic year, ISM has been dropped as it's an extremely extravagant affair, difficult to organise and we do not get the kind of response we wish from the foreign crowd. For last year's festival we had to give an extra amount of INR 20 lakhs from this year's budget. The fund that had been allocated for ISM this year will be utilised in Celebrity Night.

Last year, celebrity night was postponed and was organised just after the end semester examinations because of some unfortunate reasons. There were some plans of merging it with NITRUTSAV held at the beginning of February but this could not be possible due to a shortage of time and venue.

Despite several ups and downs FMS has proved its mettle on several occasions and brought laurels for the institute. The SnM (Synergy and Mavericks) crew went on to gain national attention due to its performance in the Hip-Hop International, held in Mumbai where they secured the second position and qualified for the international finals scheduled at Las Vegas. However, unfortunately, they could not participate in the tournament mainly due to a deficiency of funds. Cinematics has launched two videos, both of which have become viral all over the internet. Euphony, on the other hand, is all set to launch a new music album. The society is working diligently to tackle all the hurdles obstructing its smooth functioning and is hopeful to do away with these in a professional manner. 


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