Enquiring Inquiries: Ask a Question 4.0

Enquiring Inquiries: Ask a Question 4.0

Jan 23, 2017 | Saswat Choudhury Yasmin Kukul

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You question, we bring you answers. In this version of our featured section "Ask a Question", we delve into procedural uncertainties and general catechisms.  


Prof. B. Majhi, Dean (Academics):

Q: How are OEs (Open Electives) allotted? What algorithm is used to allot them?

BM: According to the present system, students having a lesser CGPA are given first preference. Then come the students who have highest CGPAs and subsequently, those with an intermediate CGPA are compromised. We are going to bring in a change in the OE allotment system. In fact, selection of an OE should entirely be the choice of the student, but because of our institute policy, we are almost making it compulsory. I feel strongly feel about this and have made a proposal to be presented to the Director. There will be a maximum of 2 to 3 OEs per year in the new system.


Q: Why do the Dual Degree students receive stipend only for 10 months even though they stay for one complete year?

BM: As per my knowledge, they do receive the stipend for the whole of 12 months. If not, I will look into that.


Q: Shouldn't the book fair be held at the beginning of the respective semester rather than being held towards the end of the previous semester? This is because the subjects during pre - registration and registration are often varying, thus resulting in the books varying and is sometimes a loss for the students.

BM: We are taking a different call there. It hasn't been finalized yet, so I cannot disclose it. We'll think about your suggestion and maybe you could put up a representation and we'll do that.


Q: Carry forward of book fee is possible up to 2000 INR. Any accumulation beyond 2000 INR will lapse. Why has such a rule been instituted? Why does the amount is not get carried over to the next academic year?

BM: It is only recently that I have heard of this complaint from you students. Earlier I used to think that you have given 2000 INR and you take 2000 INR. That you have a concept of accumulation is something I wasn't aware of. If there is a problem like that we'll see, but then when the new call will be taken, all of this will be solved.


Q: When will the new syllabus and curriculum, be updated on the website?

BM: The new curriculum and syllabi is getting prepared and now we are in the initialization stage. There will be an external committee verifying it and it will be effective from the next batch of admission, which is also when it will be updated.


Q: What is the current procedure for applying for medical leave through a valid medical certificate from an outside NIT hospital?

BM: There is a format in which the student has to write what he/she is suffering from, attach all the photocopied documents and get it approved by the Faculty Advisor and the HOD, and take it to our health center. If the treatment has taken place in CWS Hospital, there would be no questions asked. However, if it's some other hospital, the student might (in some cases), be asked to produce original documents too. Based on the interrogation, it depends on the Medical Officer's jurisdiction whether or not he approves it thereby forwarding it to the Department which is further forwarded to the Dean. In fact, to ease up the process a bit, we are putting up a portal there, so that they can upload it right away.


To the Placement Committee:

Q: Why are pre-final year students, from dual degree, not allowed in many Campus recruitments?

PC: Pre-final year students are never allowed for full-time recruitments, be it Dual degree or B. Tech. It's a part of the policy.


Q: Can dual degree students undertake industrial internships at the end of fourth year?

PC: Dual degree students have a winter vacation in their fourth year, which they can utilise for an industrial training. However, they have to stay back during summer for a summer project, which is of 10 credits. They can even do it in foreign universities if their professors and the HOD allow.


Q: What is the status of PSUs visiting the campus for recruitments?

PC: We have contacted several PSUs this time and also sought help from alumni. Few of them have confirmed but even then, there are many who prefer IITs over us. The struggle is on and we hope to see some results in foreseeable future.


To the Chief Warden:

Q: There was no decoration in front of M.S.S. hall and no sweets were distributed in the mess. What is the reason behind this?

CW:  It is not feasible that the institute will bear the expenses for everyone in purchasing crackers. As far as lighting is concerned, I might have to consult with the Warden of MSS Hall regarding the issue. But it also does not look decent in me overpowering him to go for something. But with mutual consultation, we might take a decision that favours everyone.

In a separate discussion, the Warden of the MSS Hall of Residence also had something to say on this light.

W: No one raised the issue in HMC meeting and hence we are unaware of it. We decided to avoid decoration to save some money that can be used for other purposes.


Q: What are your views on the present Hall Day system? Shouldn’t it be done on the same day in every hall, which would reduce the number of students coming from other halls thereby causing shortage of food?

CW: It’s been only a week since I joined office, so I am not really aware of the hall day system. From what I can get from the question, it seems quite natural that organizing all hall days on one day will reduce this shortage of food. But I don’t know how far this can be feasible. I will try to bring this up in the coming HMC meeting.


Q: Why is there no pest/rodent control in the halls? Who will claim responsibility for the damage caused by them?

CW: These rodents are an inevitable part of daily life and it's quite difficult to eliminate them as such. But if there are some genuine reasons behind increased number of rodents like poor sanitation or cracks which become sort of a breeding ground for them, it should be dealt with a heavy hand. If we can adopt measures to improve sanitation and repair cracks, we will definitely do that.


To Team MM

Q: When will you update the details given on the 'Hall Info' page? It is outdated and whenever I want to know the contact details of HMC members, I have to follow some tedious ways.

MM: As you might be aware, the details of the HEC are present in the form of a notice board in each of the respective Halls. Also, when the HEC gets selected, the Warden sends a Webmail to everyone. Thereby, it is definitely not a tedious process. However, the Hall Info page on our website is present for making all the information accessible at one place and we promise to update it by next week.


Q: Could you please inform us of the proper format (and procedure) in which the events details should be sent to you for getting our event updated in your calendar. Also, inform us about the required dimensions of the image (cover, poster) that has to be given.

MM: The following is the format for your query:

  • ·       Name of the event
  • ·       Name of the organizer (Club)
  • ·       Contact details
  • ·       Time of start and end of the program.
  • ·       Venue
  • ·       Short description of the event
  • ·       Image size of the poster: Recommended dimensions: 875px x 350px or greater in 2.5:1 ratio; Less than 1 MB per image

Send it to morning.monday@gmail.com


Q: Why do we not have the three words on the top? "Humility, Righteousness..” at the top of the website?

MM: We'll be putting it up soon.


Q: Can we get tags for each company in the 'Live' section showing what all branches are eligible for it?

 MM: It is seen that many a times, a single company hires students from different branches every year. For example, last year Tata Steel took interns from Mining, Mechanical and Electrical Department. while this time, they didn't take any Electrical students but instead allowed students from Metallurgy to take the test. So, even though almost 80% of it remains same, some keep varying. However, we appreciate your suggestion and will think about implementing it from the next academic year.


Q: In my 5 years here, I have seen many of my friends being expelled from the institute or getting a grade back arising from their indifference to attend classes regularly. These students do not lack the capabilities to compete among the top few, yet, feel like they are being disadvantaged by a primitive system and its beliefs. Can't we envision a system by which we can integrate these students into the academia instead of just emotionally and mentally blackmailing them?

 MM: The institute is definitely not emotionally and mentally blackmailing any of its students. All of us are capable of achieving a lot of things if we set our mind to it. Also, when you decide to come to an institute, you should abide by its rules and regulations and the 85% attendance is one of them. However, we did talk to the Director regarding this and we might expect some flexibility on this aspect.


Q: Is paying 500 INR as late fee necessary? Is it not an exploitation of our parents' money?

 MM: Again, when you are a part of an institution, there are some pre-defined rules you have to abide by. Coming late for registration is not an excuse and for that, if the institute punishes you in the form of monetary bases, it shouldn't be thought of as an exploitation of anybody's money.

Q: What do you mean by ESTABLISHMENT fee? Why has it been doubled to 5000 INR this semester?

 MM: Establishment Fee is the fee collected by students for maintenance of the Halls and for providing the basic amenities. Till the last semester, 2500 INR was being collected as Establishment fee, and an extra 2500 INR was added under Mess Dues as the amount collected for HAIF (Hall Activities and Improved Facilities). However, the HAIF should have been correctly come under Establishment fee and so, it was added under the correct head this time.




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