Blend of Academic Cultures: GIAN Workshop

Blend of Academic Cultures: GIAN Workshop

Saswat Choudhury | Jan 30, 2017

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The GIAN (Global Initiative of Academic Networks) is a new initiative by MHRD India, with the objective of exchange of technology, ideas and human resources between our nation and abroad. To accomplish the same, distinguished professors from reputed institutes abroad will be invited to organize workshops, lectures, etc. It is a kind of short-term course that will be organized by the faculty coming from abroad. The courses can extend from a week to two weeks.  At the end of the course, interested students can either wind up by a participation certificate or take an exam which attributes to 1 or 2 credits, depending on the duration.

Faculty registration:

For NITR, the local GIAN coordinator is Prof Sarat Kumar Patra, any faculty member wishing to apply for any course under GIAN has to do the same through him. Thereafter, a national selection committee will review all proposals and shortlist some of them.

Student Registration:

 The entire registration is a two-step process. Interested students can view all courses available and register themselves at the website of  IIT Kharagpur, the host institute at, The course coordinator can then shortlist the students based on their resumes. While applying, one has to pay an amount of INR 500 which is nonrefundable, and after being selected for a course, another amount has to be paid to the course coordinator depending on the course.

 From the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME), Prof D. Nagarajan had applied for a proposal to MHRD for the course Materials Selection in Engineering Design and it was shortlisted. Dr. Carlos H. Caceres, from University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia was invited to conduct the course from 12th to 23rd of December 2016 at the Seminar Room of MME. Since the topic was a broad one, students from various departments like Mechanical Engineering, as well as Biomedical Engineering, attended the course. Besides theory lectures, they used the software Cambridge Education Selector, which is quite popular with industries to select materials. There was a total of 26 students, three from IIEST Shibpur and the rest from NITR. Eleven of them also took the exam. It was a mix of B. Tech, M. Tech, and Ph.D. students, with a higher number of M-Tech and Ph.D. scholars. Since this was the first time it was conducted, it was difficult to choose a more convenient time slot and thus participation from B. Tech students was low because it was in the middle of their vacations. 

Prof D Nagarajan was quoted as

The GIAN workshop is of much significance to B-Tech, mostly final year students. Besides giving technical knowledge on various topics, it gives them an opportunity to experience the academic environment abroad and get tuned to their accent and approaches.

Please visit this link for more details of the course,

In yet another proud moment for the department, Dr. Subash Chandra Mishra, who is an earlier recipient of the prestigious Leading Scientists of the World award, is now nominated for recognition by the International Biographical Centre (IBC) and is an honorary member of the IBC. With this, he has landed himself among the very few elite professionals in the field of science who add value to the society by their work.



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