Flushing out the Fallacies

Flushing out the Fallacies

Jan 30, 2017 | Sharmishtha

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Last week during the epoch of NITR Convocation, there were held a numerous Alumni interactive sessions comprising of the questionnaire rounds, storytelling as well as talking of the aspirations for our Institute. Alumni relations are not just vital in the field of fundraisings but also in maintaining an adobe of hopes for the current students in terms of grabbing Internships owing to their references.

In one of the addresses by V.N.Peri, President, NITRAA Executive council, he mentioned about the importance of having alumni relations for students and gave vivid epitomes in the support and in return asked for the warmth of regards from students’ sides for the Institute so that they prove to be the same in forthcoming years.

Team MM Conducted a poll regarding the impact of Alumni intervention as the alumni relation is delicately poised in the balance of public opinion. It is stated as “Are you satisfied with the current level of Alumni Interaction?” And below are the results for the same:


1. Yes, I believe the relationship has considerably improved, and both parties are benefiting from it.


A fairly ample amount of the respondents i.e. 55% agreed to the above statement. The percentage tipping in favour of the poll might be due to the recent visits and interactive sessions held by myriad alumni, which gives the illusion that the alumni relations have magically improved, after long years of stagnation. However, all plans are still in the pipeline, and their execution is being performed progressively. Hopefully, we get to see an accentuated spike in the level of interaction among students and alumni in the not-so-distant future. 


2. No, I don't think this level of interaction will help us in any way.

A significant 32% voted for the aforementioned believing that the given amount of interaction is not adequate for the future projected endeavours. The present level of communication has been ample to help us get to the spot where we are but it would take extra at the other levels. The official student- alumni cell i.e. SARC is yet to function on a regular and become voracious on the ambition scale.

 3. It does not affect me.

13% of the avid readers seemed to bother less about the sessions going on and are probably unaware of the goings-on of Alumni happenings in the Institute. Many of them being active in the episodes still believe that mere interactions aren’t going to be fruitful at any level. These are the populace that believe in the lone strength of one’s individual personality in the conquests and do not owe prevailing to alumni networks.


It is a risk associated in simulating too much of belief in the survey, and public opinions as human behaviour aren't normative. Furthermore, it has been a widely proved fact that an institute what it is, is due to the alumni networks reciprocating back to the alma mater. Alumni help the institute in reaching the soaring heights and provide outshining fame. Thus it is equally significant to strengthen the extensive network of alumnus across the horizon along with the strides in curriculum achievements.

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