Elucidating the Unknown: Ask a Question 5.0

Elucidating the Unknown: Ask a Question 5.0

Jan 30, 2017 | Abyakta Patra Sriya Sainath

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While being the official media body of NITR, it is our duty to bring forth before you the way our institute functions. All of us have questions, all of us need clarifications. Here is yet another attempt on our part, at bringing before you the information you should rightly be aware of.

Prof. B. Majhi, Dean(Academic):


Q: What happens if the feedback provided for a particular professor is terrible? Can the institute fire incapable professors?

BM: The professors end up in their positions after tremendous amount of hard work, so firing them because of a negative feedback from some students is way too harsh. But, once such a thing happens, the HoD of the respective department is informed, and he decides upon the necessary actions to be taken against the respective professor.

A problem with the present system is that since the feedback is taken at the end of the semester, the students have already dealt with the professor, and hence are not affected by any changes that are subsequently implemented. So, we are planning to take feedback in the early stages of the semester, so that the students are actually benefited by this implementation.


Q: Is there any provision for first-year students to slide to other branches of their choice if there are any vacancies in it?

BM: This used to be allowed a few years ago, and is still permitted in many institutes, but, according to the current rule, not in ours. The drawbacks being, one actually tends to favour one branch over the other, hence depriving the department and its professors of students and the nation of an engineer of the less-preferred branch, which leads to a loss of necessary diversity in skilled workforce. But then, again, some students passionate about a particular branch end up graduating from another, so this is under consideration, and could be implemented for subsequent batches.


Q: Students perform experiments in the laboratory without pre-requisite theoretical knowledge. At times, it is also observed that the corresponding theory subject is taught in subsequent semesters. Can this problem be resolved?

BM: Usually, we either have both the lab and its corresponding theory subject in the same semester, or the theory subject in one semester, and the lab in the following semester. The reverse is logically incorrect, and should not happen. The students are free to come forward and let us know if this principle is violated, and subsequent alterations will be made.

Also, course revision is already underway and will be implemented in the next batches.


Q: Classes in IITs have a timing of 50 minutes so that students have some time to travel from one class to another, and prepare for the next class. In NITR, with a stretch of 4 classes one after the other, students find it pretty difficult to reach classes on time. Can this rule be modified?

BM: Yes, it most definitely can. We try our level best to accommodate classes for students within their own department itself, but since that does not always happen for all subjects across all branches and years, we’ll propose to reduce the class timings, so students are granted the required transit time.


Q: Does there exist a rule, stating that a student must take at least 2 Open Electives of Humanities during his course?

BM: Presently, yes, this is a rule. But since there have been a lot of complaints that students have not been allotted Open Electives according to their preferences, we are planning on bringing changes in the current structure.


Q: What made the authorities change the NITRIS website?

BM: The former one contained only the academic details and required to visit different pages within the site in order to view information; whereas the recent one allows you to glance through all important information encompassed in the home page itself, and includes a larger variety of details for the students and staff alike. Also, the newer one is more appealing to the eye.


Q: When is the data shown in NITRIS portal going to be corrected? There are many errors that should be corrected by now, like the number of credits, etc.

BM: With the revamp of the portal, in our notice, there haven’t been any complaints of the said nature. If, in case, there’s a discrepancy, I urge the students to come forward individually and report it, because while we do check the details, any error being made can easily be rectified if mentioned specifically.


Q: Why is passport camp not being held in our institute? It's very tiring to go to BBSR only for the verification process.

BM: It’ll be conveyed to the responsible authorities, and will definitely be organized in recent times, tentatively in February.


Prof. Japes Bera, President, SAC:


Q: Will we host Nitrutsav as well as ISM in this spring semester?

JB: No. This semester, we will not be having ISM - only NU will be held as per the schedule. 


Q: Why hasn't FMS screened any movie at BBA in the last semester?

JB: This report will be taken into consideration against the current society, and necessary steps will be taken with respect to this.


Prof. Bidyadhar Subudhi, Dean (Alumni Relations):


Q: What are the qualifications required to become a SARC member? Will there be inductions for it?

BS: There are no qualifications as such. All that we are looking for is passion and an attitude to contribute towards alumni activities. The selection procedure is simple and is similar to the inductions of any other club/society.


Q: Why was there no official webmail sent to students for selection of SARC members?

BS: I directed the current members of SARC to send a webmail informing students of the induction procedure and to the best of my knowledge a webmail was sent.


Q: What is the procedure to become a volunteer in student - alumni cell?

BS: At first we would ask the interested students to submit a CV. Based on that we would shortlist the candidates. The shortlisted candidates would face a final round of personal interview and the final decision would be taken according to their response.


Chief Security Officer:


Q: If a two-wheeler is found on campus, a fine of INR 500 is imposed and the vehicle is released after a week. If the same vehicle is locked for a second time, a fine of INR 1000 is imposed and the vehicle is released after 15 days. Where are these rules written? And why is the vehicle detained for a stipulated period of time?

CSO: These rules are not mentioned anywhere and it is basically a practice which is being followed in our institute. Work is going on regarding the drafting of existing security rules and regulations.

About the detention of vehicles, we do it intentionally because the fine is being paid by parents and it doesn’t affect the students in any way. But by detaining the vehicles we discourage such practices by students which are against our security policies.


Q: Restriction on the movement of girls in the academic area can be relaxed to some extent if CC TV cameras are installed. When is this going to happen?

CSO: We have kept a proposal in front of the director to install CC TV cameras at certain locations of our institute. The movement of girls is restricted during night time only after foreseeing the risks involved. Practically speaking it is tough for us to deploy a large number of security personnel at such places. 


Q: Can C.C. T.V. cameras be installed at the entrance of the library, cycle stand, etc to stop the theft of bags and cycles?

CSO: We have identified certain sensitive locations in our institute and we are planning to install CC TV cameras at such places. We are waiting for the nod from our director and once we get that, cameras will be installed.


Q: Are there any talks of changing the out time of ladies hostel from 10 PM to 8 PM?

CSO: As of now there are no such talks and there are no plans to change the in-timing of ladies hostels.


Dr. Bhojaraju Gunjal, HOD, BPCL:


Q: Can the BPCL book issue limit of 4 be increased for B.Tech students? Sometimes the faculties recommend more than 4 books as references which create inconvenience.

BG: As of now BPCL hasn’t received any complaint regarding the book issue limit of four. It’s better if readers directly approach us with a written application specifying their exact problem. If there are any such complaints in the future, then the same would be conveyed to the director and the book issue limit can be increased. This rule is existing since years and we need convincing reasons to change it.


Prof. S.K. Jena, PIC, TnP:


Q: Why isn’t the TnP cell giving second-year students a no-objection certificate for Internships?

SKJ: As per the regulations of our institute, it's not mandatory for 2nd-year students to go for internships. But a few of them go out of their own interest. For that, they need to take permission from their respective HoDs. Moreover, TnP doesn't deal with the internships of 2nd-year students. So we don't provide them with a NOC.

Prof. Manoranjan Barik, Chief Warden:


Q: Why has KMS not celebrated a Hall Day despite the passage of one semester? Are we expecting one any time soon? 

Ans: We are planning to collaborate the Hall day and Foundation day into a single event and that would be organised in the month of March. Because two separate events force the boarders to pay an unnecessarily high amount.


Q: Recently students have raised concerns over the quality of food being served in hostel mess. By when can we expect a change in the scenario?

Ans: The question is not specific. Mention the mess which you are talking about!
Moreover, there is a committee which checks the quality of food being served in the mess. Boarders can intimate their complaints to this committee through their respective Warden or Asst. Warden.


Q: When will students in Hall-8( Vikram Sarabhai Hall of Residence) get geysers?

Ans: For geysers in V.S. Hall, there is currently a shortage of funds but we are planning to furnish the task phase-wise. However, on receiving any complaint from boarders, we direct our maintenance staff to repair them within 24-48 hours.


Q: What are the actions taken against students having late entries in CVR?

Ans: No actions are taken against boarders having less than three late entries but beyond that their parents are called and informed. Usually, boarders abide by these rules but there are a few students who frequently come late and their parents should have knowledge of this.


Team MM:


Q: How do I apply to join Monday Morning?

MM: The induction of Monday Morning requires no pre-registration or prior application. We will be notifying the date, time and venue following which the interested candidates need to show up and complete the necessary tasks for the first round. Note that only first year UG and PG candidates can be inducted into the organisation.

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