Escalating Ultimate Horizons:  Hourglass, Toastmasters International

Escalating Ultimate Horizons: Hourglass, Toastmasters International

Hourglass, a club that started sailing as small ship in the sea of clubs, has been ever growing and established itself as Toastmasters International Chapter within a year in the institute. Hourglass, Toastmasters International – NIT Rourkela Chapter established itself as a student chapter with a strength of 21 potential Toastmasters. Widening its Toastmasters network and establishing strong bonds with the big cheeses of TI India including the Division H Director Jennifer Ghosh, Chief Mentor Chetna Verma, District Chief Judge Sourab Chandra Tripathi, Area Director Anirban Bhattacharjee, Area Director Amrapali Pattnaik, Infosys chapter Bhubaneswar President Smita Pati and other influential toastmasters.  Adding a jewel to its crown, hourglass attended the recently conducted Club Officer Training Programme (COTP) at Infosys, Bhubaneswar. The entire executive committee (EC) attended the COTP conducted by Infosys Toastmasters International (ITB) on the 28th of January 2017.

The EC should attend at least one COTP during the course of the cycle. With Hourglass being in its debut cycle, the entire EC attending the COTP was much of a surprise to all peer clubs. With a remarkable participation including guest trainees, the enthusiasm and sheer interest earned the club half of a point bringing it closer to the edge of being a Distinguished Club, racing forward to reach the milestone of obtaining the first five award. Being a Distinguished club in its initial year of inception is considered an outstanding achievement in the Toastmasters International fraternity.

The COTP sealed the trainees to be a club officer with Toastmasters Reddy Vamsi as the President, Shaik Tanveer Fathima as the Vice President Education, Debasis Choudhary as the Vice President Public Relations, Ankita Behera as the Vice President Membership, Raghudeep P as Secretary, K Pradhyumna Rao as the Treasurer and Raghavarapu Swathi as the Sergeant At Arms. Toastmasters Sambit Maharana and Tanya Mishra were the Guest trainees for the role of President and were met with an encouraging approbation from fellow Toastmasters for their showcase of interest.

Distinguished Toastmaster Sourab Chandra Tripathi presided over the judges training and ITB president Abhinav Singh presided over the entire COTP declaring it a success. Even with a standard protocol persisting in carrying out a COTP, a time bracket was provided specially to Hourglass to speak about their upcoming event United Youth Conference in this year’s NITRUTSAV by Toastmasters International Chapters’ President Reddy Vamsi. The idea, concept and theme were very well appreciated and the invitations were embraced warmly by several distinguished toastmasters and renowned speakers. 

Being a debutante in the Toastmasters International fraternity, attending and completing the COTP with an appreciable participation is highly commendable and have left their mark in the whole division and strengthening its foundations in the area level.

Team MM wishes good luck to the entire chapter of TI for transcending through visible horizons and achieving great milestones.



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