Unwrapping the Uncertain: Ask a Question -6.0

Unwrapping the Uncertain: Ask a Question -6.0

Feb 06, 2017 | Anubhav Kar Satyajit Mahapatra

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After the successful rendition of the 5th edition of ‘Ask A Question-5.0’, Team MM brings you the ‘Ask A Question-6.0’ with a myriad questions from a diverse population of students in the campus. Read on find more.


Responses from T&P


1. What is the status of the NIT-Rourkela’s outreach centre in Bhubneswar? Considering the current placement scenario, that is a necessity.

TnP: The area for the outreach centre in Bhubneswar has been demarcated. However, work is at a standstill and no progress has been made.


2. Why are the placement statistics so low in NIT-Rourkela as compared to other NITs? What is the institute doing about it?

TnP: In comparison to other NITs apart from premiere NITs like NIT-Trichy, NIT-Warangal and NIT-Suratkal, NIT-Rourkela definitely has better placement statistics. Placements in core branches have not been very lucrative. Due to the Madras High court decision to lift the ban on PSUs visiting the campus, we can expect more PSUs to visit the campus. In addition, it is to be noted that, there are companies who are returning from the campus without recruiting any student. Students need to be prepared to face a better level of company when it comes to their placement.


3. I have contacts who can get me an internship. How do I get it passed through TnP. I am in third year and need it for my SIRE.

TnP: For getting an internship, a student needs a NOC or No Objection Certificate from the institute. The student need to get a recommendation from the Head of the Department and proceed to fill a form in the TnP. After that he can proceed with the internship.


Responses from HOD, BPCL


1. When will be the ACs in the library repaired?

BPCL: The air conditioning in the library is operated centrally. Currently the systems have not been activated owing to the ongoing winter season. We will restart the systems come summers.


2. Is there any existing procedure that allows graduating students to donate their books to the central library?

BPCL: Currently there is no such provision to allow final year students to donate their books to BPCL. However, our erstwhile director had proposed that students distribute their books in their respective hall of residence.

B.Majhi: I would advice the students to donate their books to their juniors rather than giving them to the central library. As such we are cramped for space in the library, the books would serve a greater purpose if the donate the books to their juniors.


Responses from the Dean Academics:

1. In the last academic session close to 150 students received a F grade in EE-100 (Basic Electrical) who primarily belong to two particular sections. What do you think is the reason for this result? Why there exist such a difference?

BM: From the next academic year, we are planning for the central evaluation of all the common courses. Therefore, any disparity in the marking will cease to exist.


2. Does the institute mention the year of graduation for students proceeding with a slow pace?

BM: The institute mentions the year of graduation for the students graduating with a slow pace. Suppose a student is supposed to graduate in the summer of 2016 and however, graduates in the winter (say December) of 2016, then the year of graduation in his certificate will be mentioned as 2017.


3. Despite the fact that NIT-Rourkela is an institute of national repute, why is Pongal not declared as a holiday? Why can’t we start the spring semester after Pongal, so that we can celebrate the New Year and Pongal at our home?

BM: Pongal was not declared a holiday this year as it happened to take place on a Saturday. As far as commencing of the new semester after Pongal is concerned, that would imply an extension into the dreaded heat of the summers which ought to be avoided.


4. I am a final semester student and I have more than 2000 INR as my book balance. I need to purchase any more books as it is my last semester. How can I get or claim that amount?

BM: As far as claiming the amount is concerned, it is a hindrance concerning the finance department rather than the administrative department. From the next year we have decided to do away with the current system of purchasing books as we have believe the students are matured enough to decide and buy books for themselves.


5. What is our institute’s rating as per NAAC?

BM: NAAC accredited our institute with an ‘A’ rating. NAAC’s grading scale is based on the UGC pattern. Our institute is based on a AICTE and MHRD concept. So there are certain parameters we cannot fulfil. That is one of the major reasons why our institute did not receive a better ranking than the one it currently accredited with.  


6. In the recent past conundrums of erratic course covering pace, lack of a backup for non-availability of a professor, lukewarm students' interest coupled with compulsory attendance have marred the actual aim of a course. Shouldn't be a mandatory semester weekly course plan made and circulated to those concerned to make classroom learning a rewarding experience?

BM: As far as providing backup in cases of unavailability of a professor be concerned, we are inculcating a provision where professors teaching similar subjects for the same year of study will be able to cover for the absent professor. In the new curriculum we are working on inculcating where a professor would share all the relevant slides and course materials with the students at least a week prior to the introduction of the concept in the class.


Responses from SAC President:


1. What is the reason behind the purchase of nitrutsav.in domain and storage space, when we can use the nitrutsav.nitrkl.ac.in and the servers of NIT Rourkela?

MM: When Team MM approached prof. Susmita Dash, Vice President, Literary and Cultural Society, she informed us that since it was a request from the organising committee she had to entertain the idea. When Nishant Singh, general convener for NU-2017 was approached with the query he refused to comment.


2. Will we be hosting ‘Celebrity Night’ for this year?

JB: Although earlier it was planned to host the event, it was later cancelled owing to the Director’s involvement who wanted to host the event within a sum of INR 10 Lakhs. Me, Dean Student Welfare Prof. D.R.K. Parhi along with Prof. Vamsi Reddy met with the Director regarding the issue and raised the budget to 15 lakhs.

For more details and clarifications on the various conjectures surrounding ‘Celebrity Night’, please follow the given link.


3. Why cannot we celebrate NU for 1 week since ISM has been cancelled?

JB: We can definitely give a thought to the idea now since ISM has been cancelled. The students should however approach the administration through proper channels and hierarchy and we may an extended fest.


4. What if the faculty advisor of a club has already advance money on his name from other societies and not willing to take any request of an advance finance request from the club?

JB: A club can avail an advance payment of INR 15,000 at a given time. If a faculty member has any advance money he/she should grant it if it is within the 15,000 cap. Any expense beyond that will be reimbursed after the procurement of relevant bills.


Responses from HOD, Dispensary:


1. Does the Health Centre own a system that makes sure that at least one doctor is available at any point of time in a day? My friend was severely injured on 24/01/2017 and was immediately taken to the CWS Hospital only to be informed that they need a referral from the health centre to start the treatment. When I called up the doctor on duty at the institute health centre over phone at 2.30 PM, he answered me recklessly asking me to take the referral after 4 PM. My friend had to suffer for 2 hours.

CB: The institute does in fact have an on-all doctor on duty round the clock. It is a provision which has been put in place since 2014. As far as the above mentioned case is concerned the institute referral is only necessary for billing and not for treatment. If at all a student was denied treatment on the grounds of unavailability of a referral, it is the CWS hospital which is to be blamed.


Miscellaneous Questions:


1. Whom do we approach in case of a potential ISDC incident?

MM: For any such incident happening inside the hostel campus, or the hostel area for the matter, the office of the Chief Warden will lead the compliant. However, similar incidents outside the hall are to be reported to the Dean Student Welfare.


2. Whom do we approach for issues pertaining to security? CSO Suman Dutta or PIC-Security U.K. Mishra?

UM: In cases of issues relating to security and discipline, Security Officer in charge for special duty Mr. Suman Dutta is the correct person to be approached.

 He manages and supervises all the boots on ground. However, I look after the general security administration and infrastructure of the institute. Mr. Suman Dutta works under my supervision and mentorship.


Response from Team MM:


1. When are you going to interview some of the talented students? Since the beginning of the year, you are interviewing some students who have hardly shown any all-round performance. 

MM: Monday Morning basically does two type of interviews. First being “Internview” wherein we interview students who have taken a coveted internship, something which is uncommon or unheard of and we feel that the NITR Students need to know about it. The interviews are generally published in the odd semester. Examples include internships acquired through MITACS, DAAD, IAS, Mind Over Matter and also Start Ups. We select a random student out of the many who may have done the similar internship with a decent academic record for the same. However you need to understand that the idea is not to make the student popular rather the internship programme. The second type includes “Final Year Interview” wherein we interview the students who have either been exceptional in their respective field or have shown an all-round performance. This is generally done in the even semester and only four people have been interviewed so far i.e. Anmol Dalmia, Abodid Sahoo, Sushovan Das and Siddharth Manu. We still have a long list of students to be interviewed. Please ping us in case you have a particular name in mind. 


2. How do I become the Chief- Coordinator of Monday Morning?

MM: Becoming a Chief Coordinator of Monday Morning basically is a two stage process. The first that you need to be a part of MM, the inductions for which are conducted during march and are open only to first year UG and PG Students. Once you start working for MM, after a year a selected number of people from the content, design, photography and technical team are interviewed by the present chief coordinator and mentors following which three of them are given the responsiblity of leading Monday Morning.


3. Why are students forced to pay SAC fees even if they are not interested to take part in any extra-curricular activities?

MM: The institute designs its fee structure keeping in mind a general student at NITR. The fee structure includes fees for Tution, Student Activity Fee, Medical, Book, Hostel Seat, Mess and Establishment. Student activity does not necessarily mean that you have to be a part of a club. However, irrespective whether you are a part of a club or not you directly or indirectly are benefitted by the activities conducted by them.


4. Who are the members of the senate of the institute?

MM: For more details on the above mentioned topic, please follow the links given below:




P.S. : Any question directed to the Chief Warden or the Director will be taken up in the upcoming issue CWC and DD.

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