Gearing Up: BMR Orientation

Gearing Up: BMR Orientation

Feb 06, 2017 | Anshuman Bebarta

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Every time we see vehicles in and around us, our heart starts thumping at their side and makes us wonder about the mechanism that goes in while making a vehicle. National Institute of Technology, Rourkela has a group of dedicated individuals who work round the clock to explore the mechanics involved; to represent our college at a national level automotive racing competition; to tease their adrenaline junky inside which raves for fast moving vehicles zooming the places we can least imagine it to. It was in the summer of 2009 when NIT-R saw the nascence of a group of individuals following their passion for racing and so formed Team Black Mamba Racing (BMR) to promote automobile learning in our college and represent it at the national podium of BAJA SAE India competition run by Society of Automotive Engineers. From securing 15th position back in 2010 to bagging the 4th position in last years’ BAJA SAE Competition has grown immensely. To carry forward this legacy, Team BAJA conducted an orientation program on 2nd February 2017 at LA 217, to inspire the students to join Team BMR and continue its legacy.


The orientation which was scheduled at 5:30 pm started at 6:00 pm. That delay period served to accommodate the setup delay and arrangements. 22 students participated in the orientation. Overall, the orientation was well organised even though they fell short to corral up the expected number of participants. The students were made familiar with the work that Team BMR has been doing over the years and subsequent videos and presentation of their past endeavours were shown to stimulate interest among the audience. Also, a brief presentation on All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), a vehicle that travels on a wider range of terrains, and is motorised to be used off-road or on dirt roads, was made followed by a short interactive session. The presentation and they interactive session were hosted by Dushyant Bhagwan Mishra and Shivam Rai and the whole event was coordinated by Akshat Sambodhi and Aditya Patra.


Talking to Akshat Sambodhi, one of the coordinators, about the problems faced by them,

Even though the orientation was conducted smoothly, we publicized the event just a day before the actual date. And also, the orientation being a day before NU, not many first years were able to attend it since they were busy with NU work.


Talking to Captain of Team BMR, Chandan Charchit Pradhan,

Overall, the students were enthusiastic which is a major criterion to be looked at while inductions. We will be having our inductions tentatively after NU. The process will consist of a written test followed by a series of personal interviews. Also, small tasks will be assigned to test their practical skills.



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