Continuing the legacy: GIAN course on ADSP

Continuing the legacy: GIAN course on ADSP

Anubhav Kar Debasis Choudhury | Mar 13, 2017

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Over the course of the last week, from March 6-10, our institute had the privilege of hosting an academically rigorous and extremely enlightening series of lectures on various intricacies of Advanced Digital Signal Processing(ADSP) by Prof John James Soraghan as the guest lecturer. A leading expert in the field, he had done his B.Eng(Hons) and M.Eng.Sc in the field of electronics engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland. He further did his PhD from the University of Southampton and currently, holds the Texas Instruments Chair in Signal Processing with the University of Strathclyde. The entire event was sponsored by GIAN with Prof. Ajit Kumar Sahoo and Prof. Sarat Kumar Patra as the local coordinators for the course. The inauguration was done in the presence of the Director of the Institute on the 6th of March after which a series of informative lectures and lab sessions were conducted.

No. Of Participants and Institutions

The no. of participants who registered for the course included 29 outside participants and 15 participants from our institute.  Out of the registered participants, 28 outside participants ended up attending the course while all 15 participants from NIT-R were present for the lectures.

The institutes and organisations which were actively involved in the event included:

  1. NIT Rourkela
  2. IIIT Bhubaneswar
  3. GMR Institute of Technology Rajam
  4. NIT Goa
  5. EAST Bhubaneswar
  6. Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
  7. SIT Bhubaneswar
  8. VSSUT Burla
  9. VNIT Nagpur
  10.  MNIT Jaipur
  11.  KIET Group of Institutions Ghaziabad
  12.  DRDO Bhubaneswar
  13.  Birla Institute of Technology Mesra
  14.  SITE Tadepalligudem
  15.  National Engineering College, Kovilpatti
  16.  SCS College Puri

Topics Covered

The lecture series included a total of 15 lectures and 3 Lab Practices. While each lecture session lasted for an hour, the lab sessions were 2 and half hour in length. All the sessions took place within the time frame of 9:30 AM in the morning till 5:00 PM. The venue for the lectures was EC-336 which is the Computer Simulation Lab while the lab sessions were held in Digital Processing Lab using MATLAB as the language.

The various topics covered included:

  1. Digital Signal Processing
  2. Discrete Fourier Series Expansion
  3. Z-Transforms
  4. Time Domain Sampling and Aliasing
  5. Digital Filters
  6. Quadrature- Mirror Filter Bank
  7. Discrete Cosine Transforms
  8. Discrete Wavelet Transforms
  9. Adaptive Filters
  10.  Artificial Neural Networks
  11.  Emerging DSR technologies
  12.  Radar Principles and Signal Processing
  13.  Synthetic Aperture Radar
  14.  Radar Applications of FrFt
  15.  Compressive Sensing

Valedictory Function

On the final day of the lecture series, Prof Soraghan was felicitated by the local coordinators, HOD of EC department and Prof Susmita Das, the local co-ordinator of GIAN. Certificates for the completion of the course was awarded to all the participants along with the grade card of the exam conducted on the 4th day of the course which was evaluated by Prof Soraghan himself. Our honourable director, Dr Animesh Biswas had graced the occasion during the commencement of the lecture series. However, due to certain constraints, he could not be present during the valedictory function.

Miscellaneous Aspects

The event was well publicised through e-mails sent to the respective institutes and specific threads on NITR website, with GIAN doing its fair share of publicity. As far as accommodation was concerned, all the participants stayed at the North Block Guest House whereas Prof Soraghan stayed at the South Block guest house. For the participants, lunch was free as a part of the program, and the other meals had to be arranged on their own. With a legitimate test and validation, the course is especially useful for the engineers who want some experience in the Digital Signal Processing domain. Of the 43 participants who had attended the programme, 11 of them had given the exam conducted on the fourth day. To avoid any clashes with the ongoing classes for the ongoing academic timetable in our institute, the respective classes were shifted to the DSP lab. 

Money Matters

A total of INR 5.44 lakhs was allotted from the GIAN funds for the ADSP course. INR 1.50 lakhs was spent on the hospitality and the accommodation of the participants of the course while the rest was spent on Prof Soraghans’  stay in the institute and his travel charges, including his Visa.

Co-ordinators’ comments

Speaking to the chief co-ordinator of the event, Prof. Ajit Kumar Sahoo, was quoted as saying:

The conduction of the event was good. The initial problems, which were persisting relating to transactions over INR 15,000, have been efficiently solved by the administration, which helped in smooth transactions. Prof. Saroghan was jubilant with the enthusiasm regarding the course, and the participants had the same feedback. There was a good amount of participation from the research scholars’ side, and there were no problems of power cuts or sound systems.


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