Celebrating The Bold & The Beautiful

Celebrating The Bold & The Beautiful

Mar 13, 2017 | Sharmishtha Swetaparna Sarangi

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On the occasion of International Women’s day on 8th of March, a program was held as an ode to it. The limelight on this occasion was taken by the launch of a book, “The Emotions” by Ankur Kumar, a 1st-year M.Sc. student of Earth and Atmospheric Science Department of NITR.

Chief guests of the book launch event were: Director of NITR, Prof. Animesh Biswas, Dean of Academics, Prof. B. Majhi.  Also present among the notable dignitaries were HOD of Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Science, Prof. Md. Equeenuddin, CEO of Dream House Publications, Prince Simson and principal of N.M. College, Rourkela, Arjun Singh. Freshmen and sophomores of M.Sc. Atmospheric Science were the organisers. They spent their leisure time in the preparation and promotion of this event. Everyone put their best for the successful launch of this novel. Book launch event was executed well as per the plan.

After the arrival of the dignitaries, students and professors in BBA, the novel was launched, following which the present dignitaries gave their addresses. The concluding speech given by the author's mother gave a special personal touch to the event. 

"The Emotions” is a novel which celebrates the universal relationship between a brother and sister, who are not consanguineous.

Ankur probably is the first author in India, of this era who has delved into the heartwarming concept of the sibling relationship between a brother and sister, albeit not related by blood. 

This is a story which revolves around the protagonist and narrator of the story, Aadarsh who yearned for a sister's affection through the entirety of his life. The narrative traverses through the myriad of hues of this bond.

Talking to team MM, Ankur explained that, despite having a unique story since the past few years, he did not have a compelling enough reason that forced him to write.

Certain events in the life of someone I knew compelled me to think on the fleeting nature of life. I felt this story needed to see the light of the day. I love my work and it did not seem like a task to me. Initially, I had sent my manuscript to few publishers out of which 2 publishers were willing. Of  the two, I zeroed down on Dream House Publications (DHP) who unflinchingly put in a lot of hard work in getting the copies for an early launch.

After a lot deliberation, it was decided to launch the book on March 8th, International Women’s Day. The publishing team felt it was an apt occasion to release a book that deals with the less discussed facet of the relationship between siblings who are not bound by the ties of blood.

The author signs off with a request to his reader to post their views on his work at his Facebook page, The Emotions.,

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