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Started by Sitesh P | Mar 19, 2017 | 8 Replies
Mar 19 at 19:49
Why can't we have something called a central mess routine where the best from each hall are taken into account and implemented in each hall?

It will reduce the disparities and the qualities and taste will improve.
Mar 19 at 20:29
The idea may seem good, but again it depends on the caterers on how do they prepare the food. They may or may not be able to prepare the best of a hall up to the mark.
Mar 20 at 00:17
I think if there is no compulsion of eating in the same mess, then there will be competition among caterers. Due to the competition, they will make better food. Also, we will get the best food.
Mar 20 at 09:44
Mess should be made optional. Coming to your point @Sitesh P, I personally feel that the disparities add a certain character to each mess' fooding. And if a central routine is followed, people will get bored eventually.
Mar 20 at 21:17
A central routine will definitely get boring after a certain while. Also, what happens in KMS is, we are informed about the proposed change in the mess menu, some two weeks earlier and we are asked to put up sticky notes on a notice board regarding our preferences. I think this is a good way of going about it and taking popular opinion into consideration.
Mar 22 at 23:32
It can't be made centralised with the best option from each hall because it is never possible to include the best dishes from each mess (for a specific day) at the current price of INR 93 per day. Secondly, we should have a coupon based system, where we pay on a weekend for the number of meals we take per week. This will definitely ensure that we pay the exact price and also gives us an easier path for the rebate of Mess dues instead of going through the cumbersome procedure which exists now!
Apr 04 at 12:55
1. @Astitva, the reason for compelling students to have food in their respective halls is so that on any single day the caterer of a single hall is not overburdened. It would basically become a restaurant where you pay and eat. Why would the caterer care to ensure that there is enough food for all the boarders on a crowded day? Also he would not be bounded to follow the institute food standards. Hence we might face problems. 2. @Yasmin, while putting sticky notes might seem fesible for KMS it is certainly not possible for a hall as large as VS. You need to understand that not only the menu but also the way it is cooked matters. Also coming to the menu, its not only the HEC who should be blamed but also the boarders. In spite of calling multiple meetings the boarders hardly care to attend any meeting and hence HEC is forced to implement whatever comes to their mind. 3. @Abyakta, a coupon based system had been implemented in CVR but failed. I guess you need to come up with better ideas with so may technologies in place.
Apr 05 at 09:45
I am thinking of an Idea, I don't know if it is feasible, but here is the Idea, mess coupons will be like recharge coupons (Prepaid), there will be a counter inside mess or near warden office. We have to pay there and take coupons for meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner). We can take as many coupons as we want (but total coupons should not exceed the no. of mess working days) and then we can use those coupons to take meals for which we have the coupon. Later, for the next semester, fee for meals for which we didn't take coupon will be added and we would have to pay less amount towards mess fee. This system will be feasible if we don't take coupons in bulk. We can take coupons on per week or per month basis and we have to tell that I will be eating on these particular days, food will not be wasted as caterers will be knowing in advance about how much food to prepare.
May 05 at 14:23
whatever we think the so called system will not gonaa change. because the higher management is earning so much from this ...

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