A Distrayant Treat : The Mavericks Dance Workshop

A Distrayant Treat : The Mavericks Dance Workshop

Mar 20, 2017 | Dhruthi

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While the temperature is about to soar with Rourkela summers, Mavericks shot up the heat of the SAC floor by conducting a "Dance Workshop" on the 17th and 18th of March. The workshop was open to all the students of NITR and the event saw an exceptionally good response from the NITR junta.

DAY 1:

The event began with a dance showcase by Mavericks on the cool evening of 17th march at 6 pm. It was followed by a short warm-up session of twenty minutes. All participants were divided into two groups randomly and were taught a ready made choreography set by the senior members of Mavericks: Rituparna, Dinesh, Akhila and Sanjog. A total of 22 members participated in the workshop and shook their leg in sync with the movements of Mavericks’ members. They were taught various movements in Bollywood style and grooving. There had been active participation by those who attended the workshop and the SAC floor saw newly blossoming dancers on a rainy evening.

DAY 2:

The second day saw aspiring dancers in numbers no lesser than the previous day. Similar to the first day, the workshop began with the warm-up session and the participants were taught dance steps to a different song in Bollywood style. The second day saw enthusiasm and solicited appreciation from all. Seeing the performance of the participants, Mavericks president Shreya Das said that,

 I’m indeed very happy to see such active participation from the NITR junta in our workshop. Although I was out of station, I am very content with the fact that all the members of Mavericks took active part in smooth organization of the event and brought an ample outcome from the first attempters. The scoreline of this workshop boosted up our spirits and brought us a feeling that there are more people like us who enjoy dance and rejoice in this and inspired us to bring forth more and more workshops.

At the end of the day, the participants were asked to perform the learned choreography in groups of five. The participants displayed a worthy show and received hearty gratitude from The Mavericks



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