An Uphill Battle : Chitraang Review

An Uphill Battle : Chitraang Review

Mar 20, 2017 | Swetaparna Sarangi

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From the sole graffiti club of NITR, Chitraang has blossomed into a contemporary art club that strives to encourage the same among the NITR Junta.

The club was allotted a total of 45 thousand INR, of which 10 thousand was solely for the welcoming graffiti for the freshmen. 15 thousand INR each was used during Innovision and NITRUTSAV. The rest 5 thousand INR had been kept aside for miscellaneous expenses.

In addition to the three graffiti, the club also organised an art exhibition called Palette during NITRUSTAV. As for independent projects, the club took upon the responsibility of decoration of Dosa Plaza and graffiti in C.V.R Hall of Residence. With the upcoming Creative Confluence, Roots, there are plans for another graffiti and art exhibition.

The club president, Prabhat Singh Kushwaha said:

“We could not conduct art workshops like we had initially planned to due to workload and time crunch. On the brighter side, that is something we have on our priorities of the upcoming academic year. On a similar note, we have plans of participating in inter-college competitions. Participating in Mood Indigo is high on our priority list as well.”


He goes on to explain that despite having a team of 32, managing two major events during a single fest becomes very hectic; which was precisely the reason why the graffiti during NITRUSTAV was delayed.

The club also tried to venture into live art during the Multi-Ethnic fest and glow in dark graffiti during Innovision which couldn’t be executed, unfortunately.

Barring aside the various problems during the fest, the club struggles with the limited work space they are allowed. Despite approaching authorities repeatedly, the club has to make do with the SAC wall only. In addition to being the only workspace for the club, the SAC wall is poorly lit. This makes an impact during fests; especially at night when the graffiti is hardly visible. The club members feel it does not do full justification to their efforts and their repeated requests to install other lights have fallen on deaf ears. The dilapidated water tank situated near the wall is sore to the eye and makes it difficult to work.

Team MM congratulates Chitraang on its progress so far and wishes the best for future endeavours!



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