A tale of Shuttlers and Grandmasters

A tale of Shuttlers and Grandmasters

Mar 20, 2017 | Anshuman Bebarta Shailee Rath

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Inter-Hall Badminton Tournament

The much-awaited badminton and chess inter-hall tournaments were conducted from 9th to 12th March. All the eight boys’ hostels were divided into two pools: Pool A consisting of M.S.S, S.D, M.V and S.S.B and Pool B had V.S, G.D.B, H.B and D.B.A. However, S.S.B. did not see any participation. Each team had five players each and each league game had two singles matches, and one doubles match while semi-final and final matches were sets of 5 matches (3 singles matches and one doubles match) which were played at the G.D Birla badminton court.


For the boys’ tournament, league matches were held during the first three days and on the final day (12th March), the semi-finals and final took place. The first semi-final was played between V.S and S.D, and the second semi-final was played between D.B.A and M.V. While S.D. won in the former, D.B.A. emerged victorious in the latter. After a thrilling encounter between D.B.A and S.D, it was Team S.D that managed to emerge out with flying colors, which consisted of the following members:


1.Gourav Kumar Parmar.

2.Nihar Ranjan Behera.

3.Suryakant Priyadarshan.

4.Manish Sekhar Azad.

5.Nitish Anand.


Gaurav Parmar, the captain of Team S.D, said:

The level of competition was good. As it took place during the holidays, participation was less. New players are emerging and taking the game seriously. Coaching has benefited the students.


The CVR and KMS matches took place on the second day where the team of KMS constituting of Sushree Suman, Shruti Raj, K Suma and B Priyanka emerged victorious. There was a total of two matches- a singles’ match and a doubles’ match. The first match between Sushree Suman and Sweety Sukhla was won by Suman. The second match between Anusmita Saha and Arunima Saha, and Sushree Suman and Priyanka were won by the latter. And hence, KMS was declared the winner.


Inter- Hall Chess Tournament

A game of strategy and tactics, India is home to the game of chess, which was conceptualised during Gupta Empire. The Institute chess team, which bagged the second prize in the IIT BHU sports fest was disappointed that they could not attend the INTER-NIT chess tournament hosted at Srinagar. They conducted the last chess tournament of the academic year 2016-17 in which DBA was the champion.

The players from DBA were:

  1. Ajmal Patel.
  2. Abhilash Kabi.
  3. Biswa Prakash Singh.
  4. Debashis Sood.

The participants had to play through a total of 4 rounds.

The boys’ chess captain mentioned that:

The special thing about this tournament was that all matches were conducted in the dining hall of mess in DBA.

The Interhall chess tournament of girls could not be conducted this week due to unavoidable circumstances, but it will be carried out in the near future.



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